Incoming Presidents Report [14]

By Patrick Dibben

Firstly on behalf of all the members let me start by thanking Ray Abrahall who along with the committee and his wife Shirley put in much time and effort over the last year to make the club the success it is today.

As you will see from the minutes of our AGM we are still looking for a Secretary although Ken McDonald is filling this role temporarily until he leaves in a month or two to take up work in Armidale. If you would like to nominate as Secretary or think you may be able to help us out please contact me ASAP.

The Newsletter Editor position is also vacant and we are looking for nominees. In the meantime Michael Maleedy is doing an excellent job in the Assistant Editor position. Ideally the editor would have access to a PC and some knowledge of DOS-based software.

What is the club up to and where are we headed? Let me fill you in on some of the things we are working on:

  • Stickers. Stickers depicting the club logo are currently being printed and we will be mailing out two to every member. One for your Kayak and one for your car. Additional stickers are available for a nominal fee.
  • Newsletters. We hope to upgrade the production of the newsletters . The first newsletter should be produced soon but we need your contributions. Technical articles, stories, trip reports, photos or artwork would be much appreciated. Bromides will be used to produce clearer photo reproduction and we are looking at accepting advertising to pay for professional printing and production.
  • Slide shows/talks. We have organised slide shows/talks for the future with outside speakers. The first of these is with Wade Fairley who has completed a trip recently in Patagonia and has previously done a 2,000 km, six month trip through the Solomon Islands. Early next year (Jan 16th) we have another talk organised with Peter Tressider who recently paddled from Victoria to Tasmania non-stop and then back after 12 hours rest! Peter has also made the only descents of several North Queensland rivers including the Jardine. During one of these descents he had the front part of his kayak removed by a disagreeable crocodile! These slide shows will be combined with an optional paddle and BBQ and should provide a good social occasion for everyone to meet.
  • NSWSKC Info Line. We now have a telephone information line giving the latest on what the club is up to via a recorded message. The telephone number is 552-0028. Since we can only afford to mail out newsletters and trips lists a few times a year this should provide a much better means of keeping in touch. It will be updated weekly.
  • No joining fee. At the AGM we agreed to abolish the $20 joining fee so if you know someone who has been thinking of joining now is the time.
  • Club Poster. We are interested in doing a small poster advertising the club which can be put on notice boards etc in shops. If you have some interesting sea kayak photos or you would like to help please contact me.

The NSW Sea Kayak Club provides a great opportunity for fellow sea kayakers to benefit from each others knowledge, skill and enthusiasm. Don’t be afraid to get involved and run some trips, help out or simply let me know any ideas you may have to improve the club. Join us for what should be a great year ahead.


NSWSKC Info Line [14]

Our club now has a dial up recorded information line. This is updated weekly on Wednesdays and will give you latest information on upcoming trips and events. It also allows you to leave messages for the trips co-ordinator.

Since it is only practical to mail out Newsletters and trip programmes a few times a year this allows more up to date information on what the club is up to. It should also mean that if you are organising a trip and you wish to invite other club members you can dial the number and leave a message so the trips co-ordinator can add this to the recording. Please help make this a success by using this facility so we can publicise more of the smaller spur-of-the-moment type trips. Use it to let us know what you are up to, even it is just a Harbour Paddle.

How to use it

Simply dial 552-0028 to hear up to 2.5 minutes of recorded information on coming events & future trips etc. At the end of the recording you may leave a message after the tone. If you do not wish to leave a message then it is important to hang up immediately at the end of the announcements.

If you have a tone dialling phone (most are) then you may skip the recorded announcement if you’ve heard it before and simply leave a message by hitting the ‘#’ key. Start your message immediately after pressing the ‘#’.

Although the info line functions just like an answering machine it is in fact using a voice mail facility provided by Connect International Pty Ltd. It has a number of advantages over an ordinary answering machine. The message always starts from the beginning, the line cannot be engaged, any number of people can use it simultaneously, there is no special equipment required on our side.

Calendar of Events Spring 1992 [14]

Please contact the trip leader by 8.00pm of the Wednesday before the event.


Sunday 1/11/92 – Free Bar-B-Que lunch! All you have to do is call Trevor the week before so that he can arrange the meat. Start from Rose Bay near the sailing club at 9.00am to paddle to the Spit. Moderate experience required as it may be a bit rough near the heads. Call Trevor Farrell 520 5379 (H) by Friday 23110/93.

07/11/92 – Slide Show/ BBQ/ Paddle. A slide show/talk by Wade Fairley. Wade has kayaked along the coast of Patagonia and through the Solomon Islands. Venue – Tambourine Bay Sea Scout Hall. Paddle 2:00 pm, BBQ 4:30 pm Slides 6:00 P.M. Contact Patrick Dibben 810 7242 (H)

14-15/11/92 – “Rock and Roll” weekend, Merimbula. Learn to roll your kayak reliably, surf, re-enter and roll self rescue. Course notes provided (free), superb coastal paddling Bar-B-Que at night. An indication from probable starters would be appreciated A.S.A.P. Competent rollers are most welcome to roll up and help..(no pun intended!) Contact David Winkworth (064) 951527 (H)

28-29/11/92 – See Grasshopper Island and the mysterious Tollgates on this weekend with a fixed camp at Durras on the south coast near Batemans Bay. Some open sea experience required. Contact Patrick Dibben 810 7242 (H)

Important Notice


None of the office bearers or any of the Executive Committee or a tripleader or any other member of the club shall be legally responsible in the event of any person dying or suffering injury or loss while engaged in any activities of the club, and no action shall lie against any one or more of them, nor against the Club funds or property on account of the negligence or otherwise of any one or more of them.

Minutes of the 1992 NSWSKC AGM [14]

Venue:- Woodstock Community Centre, Burwood.

Meeting opened at 8.00pm with Ray Abrahall in the chair.

Members present:- R. Abrahall, K. Mc Donald, S.Newman, N. Bull, S. Abrahall, M. Maleedy, G. Mundy, D. Stuber, D. Miles, P. Dibben.

Visitors:- D. Weir, R. Mc Laughlin, G. Rowe.

Apologies were received from S. Lee, M. Richardson. P. Carter, P. Ingleby, C. Glover.

Minutes of the previous AGM of 24 September 1991 were read and accepted with the addition of an apology from David Winkworth. Moved:- S. Abrahall, Seconded:- D. Miles “That the minutes as amended be accepted.” Carried unanimously.

Business Arising From The Minutes


The club was incorporated as ‘The New South Wales Sea Kayak Club Inc.’ in November 1991, with Shirley Abrahall as the public officer.

Definition of a sea kayak document

Presented to the NSW Canoe Association, no formal reply was received, however a favourable response was received from Mark Shrimpton who was asked to review the document.


Quotes have been obtained for printing (see general business).

Professional brochure

no action taken.

Sea kayak training

Report from Dirk Stuber on a NSW Board of Canoe Education training weekend held at Jervis Bay, 6 club members attended and gained their proficiency level awards.

A short discussion of the aims of the NSWBOCE followed.


Outgoing President’s Report

Ladies and gentlemen, this 3rd annual general meeting concludes another year of activities made possible by fellow club members volunteering and leading day trips, training days, and the occasional weekends.

The newsletter is our main line of communication within the club and those who edit and print it along with our club contact list, have done a great job throughout the year. Your contributions of reports and technical items are always welcome and needed by our editor.

The artwork for our club emblem is complete and has featured on our newsletter of late.

We are now an officially incorporated club and have been since November 1991.

Of concern to canoeists are collisions, particularly in the dark, when we are most at risk; for instance in June ’92 there were 10 reported incidents resulting in 3 deaths and 1 minor injury. One death resulting from an after dark collision when the person drowned after capsize.

The increasing use of waterways after sunset by canoeists and other passive craft is of concern to waterways and Police. Canoeists are reminded that they are liable to ‘on the spot’ fines for not complying with waterways regulations and in particular the display of a white static light at night, visible 360 degrees.

In conclusion I welcome all new members and thank the outgoing committee for their help and support throughout the year and welcome the incoming committee for ’92-’93..

Ray Abrahall

A short discussion followed on lighting requirements for kayaks and the regulations to be published in the next Safe Boating Guide due out this year.

Treasurer’s Report

Thanks must be given to Shirley Abrahall for clearing the post office box and doing all the banking during the last year, as this contributed greatly to the financial management of the club.

NSW Sea Kayak Club Inc Financial Statement For The Year Ended September 1992
Balance brought forward September 1992 $2286.26
Membership and joining fees $1,520.00
Bank interest $93.31
Postage $232.00
Stationary $93.48
P.O. box charges $70.00
Public liability insurance $334.50
Bank charges FID FTX $7.02
Cost of incorporation $90.00
Supper for last year AGM $28.26
Hall hire $20.00
Deposit accommodation for Jervis Bay trip $25.00
Balance at Bank 7/9/1992 $2,999.31

New members 18
Renewals 40
Last year 12

Total 70

Dirk Stuber Hon Treasurer

Discussion followed on the public liability insurance as a requirement of incorporation.

Moved:- David Miles Seconded :- Michael Maleedy “That the treasurer’s report be accepted.” Carried unanimously.

Election of Office Bearers

Roy Abrahall then stood down as president, allowing Ken Mc Donald to take chair.

Nominations were called for the incoming committee.

President:- Patrick Dibben Nominated by R. Abrahall Seconded S. Abrahall Elected unopposed.

Patrick then took the chair and election of office bearers continued.

Vice President:- Norman Bull Volunteered, Seconded R. Abrahall Elected unopposed.

Secretary:- Vacant. No one volunteered and all nominations were rejected. Ken Mc Donald offered to take on the job temporarily.

Treasurer:- Dirk Stuber Volunteered Seconded G. Mundy Elected unopposed.

Newsletter Editor:- Vacant No one volunteered and all nominations were rejected. G. Mundy offered to take on the job temporarily.

Assistant Editor: Michael Maleedy Nominated G. Mundy Seconded K. McDonald Elected unopposed.

Social Convenor: Peter Ingleby Volunteered Seconded D. Stuber Elected unopposed.

Trips Convenor:- David Miles Volunteered Seconded S. Abrahall Elected unopposed.

Assistant Trip Convenor:- Norman Bull Volunteered Seconded D. Stuber Elected unopposed.

Election of office bearers concluded with discussion of possible candidates and a request to all club members to fill the vacant Positions.

General Business

Motion 1. That the club instigate a telephone answering service from Connect International for a trial period of 12 months to supplement the printed trips list. Patrick Dibben to contact supplier. Moved R. Abrahall Seconded N. Bull Carried unanimously.

Motion 2. That the $20 joining fee be abolished Moved J. Bamberry Seconded K. McDonald Carried 6 votes to 4.

Motion 3. That full time students, unemployed, and pensioners pay half of the annual fees. Moved D. Stuber. Defeated 7 votes to 1

Motion 4. That membership fees be reviewed at each AGM in view of movements in the consumer price index. Moved R. Abrahall Seconded N. Bull. Carried unanimously.

Suggestions made for social events:- Film/slide night, demonstration of packing a boat for a trip and “living out of the boat’ by R. Abrahall. Peter Tresseder to talk on his return crossing to Tasmania from Wilsons Promontory.

Club Stickers:- Samples are to be obtained and a decision is to be made on the supplier by the committee.

Meeting closed 10.00pm.