Incoming Presidents Report [14]

By Patrick Dibben

Firstly on behalf of all the members let me start by thanking Ray Abrahall who along with the committee and his wife Shirley put in much time and effort over the last year to make the club the success it is today.

As you will see from the minutes of our AGM we are still looking for a Secretary although Ken McDonald is filling this role temporarily until he leaves in a month or two to take up work in Armidale. If you would like to nominate as Secretary or think you may be able to help us out please contact me ASAP.

The Newsletter Editor position is also vacant and we are looking for nominees. In the meantime Michael Maleedy is doing an excellent job in the Assistant Editor position. Ideally the editor would have access to a PC and some knowledge of DOS-based software.

What is the club up to and where are we headed? Let me fill you in on some of the things we are working on:

  • Stickers. Stickers depicting the club logo are currently being printed and we will be mailing out two to every member. One for your Kayak and one for your car. Additional stickers are available for a nominal fee.
  • Newsletters. We hope to upgrade the production of the newsletters . The first newsletter should be produced soon but we need your contributions. Technical articles, stories, trip reports, photos or artwork would be much appreciated. Bromides will be used to produce clearer photo reproduction and we are looking at accepting advertising to pay for professional printing and production.
  • Slide shows/talks. We have organised slide shows/talks for the future with outside speakers. The first of these is with Wade Fairley who has completed a trip recently in Patagonia and has previously done a 2,000 km, six month trip through the Solomon Islands. Early next year (Jan 16th) we have another talk organised with Peter Tressider who recently paddled from Victoria to Tasmania non-stop and then back after 12 hours rest! Peter has also made the only descents of several North Queensland rivers including the Jardine. During one of these descents he had the front part of his kayak removed by a disagreeable crocodile! These slide shows will be combined with an optional paddle and BBQ and should provide a good social occasion for everyone to meet.
  • NSWSKC Info Line. We now have a telephone information line giving the latest on what the club is up to via a recorded message. The telephone number is 552-0028. Since we can only afford to mail out newsletters and trips lists a few times a year this should provide a much better means of keeping in touch. It will be updated weekly.
  • No joining fee. At the AGM we agreed to abolish the $20 joining fee so if you know someone who has been thinking of joining now is the time.
  • Club Poster. We are interested in doing a small poster advertising the club which can be put on notice boards etc in shops. If you have some interesting sea kayak photos or you would like to help please contact me.

The NSW Sea Kayak Club provides a great opportunity for fellow sea kayakers to benefit from each others knowledge, skill and enthusiasm. Don’t be afraid to get involved and run some trips, help out or simply let me know any ideas you may have to improve the club. Join us for what should be a great year ahead.