NSWSKC Info Line [14]

Our club now has a dial up recorded information line. This is updated weekly on Wednesdays and will give you latest information on upcoming trips and events. It also allows you to leave messages for the trips co-ordinator.

Since it is only practical to mail out Newsletters and trip programmes a few times a year this allows more up to date information on what the club is up to. It should also mean that if you are organising a trip and you wish to invite other club members you can dial the number and leave a message so the trips co-ordinator can add this to the recording. Please help make this a success by using this facility so we can publicise more of the smaller spur-of-the-moment type trips. Use it to let us know what you are up to, even it is just a Harbour Paddle.

How to use it

Simply dial 552-0028 to hear up to 2.5 minutes of recorded information on coming events & future trips etc. At the end of the recording you may leave a message after the tone. If you do not wish to leave a message then it is important to hang up immediately at the end of the announcements.

If you have a tone dialling phone (most are) then you may skip the recorded announcement if you’ve heard it before and simply leave a message by hitting the ‘#’ key. Start your message immediately after pressing the ‘#’.

Although the info line functions just like an answering machine it is in fact using a voice mail facility provided by Connect International Pty Ltd. It has a number of advantages over an ordinary answering machine. The message always starts from the beginning, the line cannot be engaged, any number of people can use it simultaneously, there is no special equipment required on our side.