2012 – 2013

SALT issues 88-91 (see below for NSW Sea Kayaker issues 86-87)

No 91 – 2013

Issue 91 cover

Click to view No 90 – 2013 (inaugural digital-only edition)


  • Review of ‘Dr Rip’s Essential Beach Book’ by Adrian Clayton
  • Preparing for open crossings by Mark Sundin
  • Northern Island to Scotland by Tadhg de Barra
  • Breaking things and making things by Vincent Weafer
  • Victorian Paddlefest by Meagan Pryke
  • Nepean River by Alexander Manu and Frank Ritano
  • Pfd tinkering by Dave Winkworth
  • Modifying Kayaks by Damiano Visocnik
  • Far North Queensland by Dee Ratcliffe
  • Obituary of Chris James by Rob Mercer
  • Disability Kayaking by Mark Schroeder
  • Beagle Passage, Cape Horn by James Johnson

Click to View No 89 – 2013


  • Review of This is the Roll DVD by Dave inkworth
  • Nova Scotia by Brian Yates
  • Bruny Island by Chris Thomas
  • The Stroke by Lifan Hung
  • Remembering Derek Hutchinson by Conor Mihill
  • Meeting People by Hans Schmidt
  • The accident that wasn’t by Fernando
  • Basic Skills online by Cathy Miller
  • How to get past the breakers by Eeric Soares
  • Transitioning to Surf Kayaking by Tracy Gibson
  • Getting Trashed by Dragomir Pejic
  • In-Out Surf Landing by Wayne Horodowich
  • Review of ‘Beaches of the NSW Coast’ by Adrian Clayton
  • Wind Gusts by Tadhg be Barra
  • Signs of Progress by Vincent Weafer
  • Whale of a Winter by Mark Schroeder
  • Hawkesbury Canoe Classic various authors
  • Navigation Tools by Russ Swinnerton
  • Tow Ropes by Meagan Pryke
  • Chaos at Hunter Island, Tas by Lawrence Geoghegan
  • Rock ‘N Roll preview by Campbell Tiley

Click to view No 88 – 2012

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 6.26.05 PM

  • Managing Seasickness by Tadhg de Barra
  • Review of ‘Fearless’ by Dave Winkworth
  • 37 Different Rolls (Cherie Perry and Turner Wilson) by Ian Vaile and David Fisher
  • To Bruny and beyond by Tony Wennerbom
  • Urban Epic
  • Ski Bums by Ian Vaile
  • Tidal Theory by Russ Swinnerton
  • Navigation Challenge by Adrian Clayton, Shawn Armitage, Colin Sheringham, Rozzy and Andrew Dickson
  • Running on the sea by Mark Sundin
  • Wing Paddles by Sandy Winterton
  • Wilderness Coast development by Vincent Weafer
  • Saving Raymond (Whitsundays) by Cathy Miller
  • You take these things out of the ocean? By the Old Sea Dog
  • Beecroft Peninsular
  • Surviving Everest (grade 3)
  • Mirage 580 hatch adaptation by Selim Tezcan

NSW Sea Kayaker 2012: Issues 86-87

(click individual articles below)

No 87 — June 2012

No 86 — March 2012

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