Calendar of Events Spring 1992 [14]

Please contact the trip leader by 8.00pm of the Wednesday before the event.


Sunday 1/11/92 – Free Bar-B-Que lunch! All you have to do is call Trevor the week before so that he can arrange the meat. Start from Rose Bay near the sailing club at 9.00am to paddle to the Spit. Moderate experience required as it may be a bit rough near the heads. Call Trevor Farrell 520 5379 (H) by Friday 23110/93.

07/11/92 – Slide Show/ BBQ/ Paddle. A slide show/talk by Wade Fairley. Wade has kayaked along the coast of Patagonia and through the Solomon Islands. Venue – Tambourine Bay Sea Scout Hall. Paddle 2:00 pm, BBQ 4:30 pm Slides 6:00 P.M. Contact Patrick Dibben 810 7242 (H)

14-15/11/92 – “Rock and Roll” weekend, Merimbula. Learn to roll your kayak reliably, surf, re-enter and roll self rescue. Course notes provided (free), superb coastal paddling Bar-B-Que at night. An indication from probable starters would be appreciated A.S.A.P. Competent rollers are most welcome to roll up and help..(no pun intended!) Contact David Winkworth (064) 951527 (H)

28-29/11/92 – See Grasshopper Island and the mysterious Tollgates on this weekend with a fixed camp at Durras on the south coast near Batemans Bay. Some open sea experience required. Contact Patrick Dibben 810 7242 (H)

Important Notice


None of the office bearers or any of the Executive Committee or a tripleader or any other member of the club shall be legally responsible in the event of any person dying or suffering injury or loss while engaged in any activities of the club, and no action shall lie against any one or more of them, nor against the Club funds or property on account of the negligence or otherwise of any one or more of them.