Five Salty Sea Dogs visit Broughton Island


Five salty sea dogs set out from Shoal Bay ramp
To do an open crossing and a Broughton Island camp.
The sky was grey and cloudy and the rain came pouring down
But everyone was cheerful, there was not a single frown.
One salty sea dog lost his breakfast on the way
And a second tossed his cookies in the flat calm of the bay.
Two salty sea dogs lapped the island just for fun
The others went for walkies and enjoyed the evening sun.
Later, after sunset, the stars were burning bright
And the sea dogs enjoyed dinner with a healthy appetite.

Five salty sea dogs awoke to clear blue skies
The sea was like a mirror to reflect the bright sunrise.
They set off after breakfast to explore the northern shore
Then headed back to Cabbage Tree to rock garden some more.
The sea was smooth and glassy on a lazy eight foot swell
Which left one salty sea dog feeling really quite unwell.
The sailors raised their canvas vainly hoping for a breeze
But they had to keep on paddling on the limpid, turquoise seas.
They sneaked in under Yacaaba and crossed back to Shoal Bay
And landed on the beach to end a perfect paddling day.