Forward Stroke Practice


Rotate around and spear it in
Aim for the elusive salmon’s fin.
Sink it well before the catch
Then grip and pull with some dispatch
Top hand high as you rotate,
Keep it up you’re doing great!

Don’t forget to drive those feet.
Swivel that butt upon the seat.
Sit up straight it isn’t hard
But lean a little bit forward.
Exit cleanly at the hip
Rotate some more then let it rip.
Your grip it shouldn’t be so tight
Don’t squeeze the thing with all your might.
Rotation is the key to this!
Rotate for utter paddling bliss.
The search for the perfect forward stroke
It never ends and that’s no joke!
But once achieved your pace will lift
You’ll tour the coast, relaxed but swift
Eating up the scenic miles,
To arrive quite fresh and full of smiles.
Your old race speed will feel like strolling
Then you’ll transfer all those hours to rolling!