Now I can Twist as well as Rock ‘n’ Roll


Just got home from work, cold, tired and wet.  Quickly check my emails (no, I don’t twitter or twatter)…Spam, bit more spam, ‘you are the millionth lucky winner…’ Yeah, yeah…delete… ‘Want to grow an extra….’ No, nick off, not interested…delete…  Oh, here’s one from Dee reminding me that I did promise her a piece on Rock ‘n’ Roll and the deadline is fast approaching… it seems such a distant but fond memory now.

But what to write about that would do the weekend justice?  I was thinking that as this was my first RnR it should have a catchy title, something like ‘Losing my virginity at RnR’ but that’s a bit Branson-ish.

No words can truly capture and describe everything that went on: what we did by way of paddles, the scenery we saw, the stories we heard, the people who entertained us (some unintentionally with their midnight gardening prowess). Good job I took heaps of photos though and sent them to Dee.

There were photos of us having a lazy Friday afternoon paddle with some of the crew who got there early.  What an afternoon, low swell, sunny and relatively calm. On returning to the camp area there were more people so I took a couple of photos of folks setting up camp, having a post-paddle relax, a beer on the beach as well…all manner of paddlers.

That night I grabbed a photo of Selim being presented with a ‘massive’ birthday cake (for one) by Claudia and wasn’t he stoked – that smile is quite infectious.  I was aware of a couple of giggles behind me and there were Claudia and Peter’s two boys laughing at the whole spectacle, enjoying themselves running around the camp site.  I’m surprised after the day on the beach that they had any energy at all.  Bet they (and their parents) slept well.

There’s a photo of the camping area and some of the goodies on offer. And didn’t I have fun playing ‘John West’ with what was on offer from Expedition Kayaks, Mirage, Nadgee and Hybrid.  There’s a photo of about eleven boats of which I tried nine.  John West was spoilt for choice.   I did reject eight boats to decide on a boat that weekend but to the dismay of Mick McRobb (Flat Earth Sail manufacturer) I will not be putting a sail on it.

Flicking through the photos I am reminded of the Pizza and Beer afternoon put on by EK.  That pizza guy couldn’t believe his luck – two weeks of pizzas in one afternoon, well, almost.  Have a look at all those empty boxes.

That night I snapped a few of Stu Trueman dropping in from his current circumnavigation of Australia by kayak.  How amazing to follow the blog via NSWSKC website, hear reports and then meet the star of the gig.  His girls must have had the most amazing ‘Show & tell’ at school.

Well, being a sea kayak club we did enjoy quite a few paddles but as I did not bring my waterproof camera I did not manage to get photos of the paddle through the rock gardens, to the Tollgate Islands or of surfing the bar.

Suffice to say, been there, done that, doing it again next year.