NSW Sea Kayak Club – Clean Up Australia Day [75]

by Cathy Miller

Towing skills, manoeuvring, draw strokes, tricky landings, rafting up , re-entering boats while adrift — these were all skills put to good use on Clean Up Australia Day, March 2009.

The idea was to use our kayaks to get into places that were not easy to access on foot. Setting off from Balmain, our group of NSWSKC kayakers cleaned up waterfront areas around Balls Head Bay and Berry Island Reserve. We cleaned up plastic bags, boat debris, and all sorts of litter washed up in the mangroves around Greendale Park.

As our bags filled, we put them on our decks or in the two whitewater boats we towed around as “marine rubbish skips”. We then towed the rubbish back to Mort Bay, Balmain, where the council had arranged to pick it up the next day.

We finished off with bagels and coffee, feeling that we had made a difference.

Come and join us next year. To quote Shaan, “It was the best fun I”ve had picking up rubbish!”