NSW Sea Kayak Club – From the President’s Deck [74]

By Michael Steinfeld

We spent our summer holidays sampling the delights of Tasmania. They are a lucky lot down there. Not only do they have great food but as a paddler you can get away to very remote and beautiful locations.

The Tasman peninsula from Fortesque Bay to Port Arthur is a must-do paddle and on the west coast, kayaking the Pieman River to the coast was a real treat.

We met up with a number of local paddlers who were not short on suggested paddles. You have to be prepared for the stronger wind patterns and try as you might, it is difficult to get used to immersion in the cold water.

While we were away we heard the sad news of the death of Kevin Brennan, Sea Guide and dedicated club member who had been an organiser of two Rock’n’Rolls and had also served as Trips Coordinator. To Sue and their boys, our hearts go out to you.

The month of February has brought with it the Australian tragedy of bushfires and floods. Your committee agreed to donate the sum of $500 to the Australian Red Cross.

On the local scene, some club members welcomed Freya Hoffmeister from Germany who is attempting to match Paul Caffyn’s feat of circumnavigating Australia. Her arrival in Sydney coincided with an east coast low pressure system whipping up seas and winds. But this did not hold her back and we wish her well in her epic quest.

The training the club provides is the backbone of the club. This year we hope to graduate a number of Sea Leaders before Rock’n’Roll and Adrian Clayton has become a Sea Instructor. Congratulations to all.

I hope to meet you at the Rock’n’Roll and trust that you will give thanks to all the Instructors, Leaders and Committee who voluntarily give their time to the benefit of you, the club members. Enjoy the activities!

Until next time…

Michael Steinfeld