NSW Sea Kayak Club – Speakers at Rock’n’Roll 2009 [73]

Jeff Jennings

Workshop: How to take photos and video in a kayak and what to do with them afterwards

Jeff will tell us about equipment, planning, shooting and editing in a sea kayaking context. There may even be an opportunity to put together a short coverage of RnR09!

Evening talk: Photographic expeditions

Jeff will be sharing some of his sea kayaking expedition experiences with us, and will also showcase his photography and video technique. Locations include both Australia and overseas.


Jeff Jennings has been involved in numerous expeditions with like-minded adventurers in the Maatsuyker Sea Canoe Club. He has undertaken photographic expeditions to remote parts of Tasmania, Flinders Island and coastal Queensland, including Hinchinbrook, the Whitsundays, and from Mackay to Airlie Beach. He has circumnavigated Kangaroo Island (SA) and paddled in NZ, Thailand, Greece, Croatia, Tonga and Fiji.

Jeff has some dramatic photographs of Tasmania’s spectacular coastal scenery taken from the precarious perspective of a small sea kayak. His library contains photographs from remote locations such as Deal Island, Maatsuyker Island, Port Davey, Three Hummock Island, Maria Island and Tasman Island. In 2004 Jeff won first prize in the Wilderness Gallery Break O’Day Photographic Award. Jeff’s skill as a stills photographer is complemented by his DVD production of sea kayaking expeditions. To find out more visit www.vision.net.au/~jennings

Larry Gray

Workshop: Being at one with the ocean environment

World-class sea kayaker Larry Gray, who learned many of his techniques directly from Inuit masters, will introduce you to skills that are not commonly taught: landing on rocks if you must; your paddle as a tool, not just a motor; warning signs in nature; pre-rolling skills. This is indigenous knowledge that will help you fit in with the sea.

Evening talk: Greenland expedition

Larry was part of the first Australian team to travel 1000 km down the coast of Greenland in 1986. Larry will be sharing his Greenland expedition with us, which includes Eskimo kayakers.


Larry Gray has thousands of kilometres of expeditions under his belt. He has paddled from Victoria to PNG (4500 km), around PNG (2500 km) and around Singapore through Malaysia to Indonesia. He has also paddled in Arnhem Land and Vanuatu. His northern hemisphere exploits include the coast of England via Ireland and two expeditions to the Arctic. He has spent much time with indigenous people, learning from them.

One of the instigators of the sea kayaking club grading system, Larry has been an Outward Bound trainer in Singapore and is the designer of the Pittarak kayak.

To find out more see www.pittarak.com.au