NSW Sea Kayak Club – Gear Review: Kayak Light [73]

By Andre Janecki

The Guardian Model 5400 Dual Function white light. RRP $35.00

“The lightest, brightest and toughest light in its class!”

— quote from the manufacturer.

This report is based on a kayak trip (salt water) with the lamp exposed to the elements continuously for a period of three weeks.

I am happy to confirm the lamp performs well in a marine environment.

The simple twist action to turn the light ON and OFF is excellent, unlike other similar products. No leak or condensation build-up was to be found and the battery contacts remained intact. The body and the lens are made of quality impact and scratch resistant materials.

No tests were made regarding the CR2032 lithium coin cell batteries (two) but the manufacturer advises 250 hours of life in the flashing mode and 100 hours in the steady-on mode. The replacement cost of the batteries is around $4.50 each.

The omnidirectional (360 degree) light is generated by a single ‘bright’ LED. I found the light intensity a good balance between the overall size of the lamp and the replacement costs of the batteries, etc.

The low weight of the lamp and its very small footprint lends itself to be mounted onto a kayakers’ hat (or helmet.)

The included clip secures the lamp sufficiently, however an additional lanyard would help further since the lamp body has negative buoyancy.

In my eyes, the lamp is a winner due to its clever dual function, which allows for a continuous or flashing mode by reversing the polarity of the batteries. This alone makes the lamp easily adaptable to the often confusing and varying maritime water regulations throughout Australia…so check it out before paddling at night!

For more info visit www.adventurelights.com