Gear Review: In Search of the Perfect Stove [71]

By Andre Janecki

Trangia Ultralight and Trangia Ultralight Hardanodized are the new outdoor stoves from Trangia, they are both made out of a new aluminium alloy, this gives a thinner, harder, lighter and more durable stove. The new stoves are approx. 25 percent lighter than before.

Made in Sweden. Priced from $125

For those who doubt the virtue of Trangia (for sea kayaking in particular) I can only recommend a quick search of the NSWSKC website. For the rest of us, the hardest decision was always which cookset size to get?

Neither of the 25 series (1.75 litre) or 27 series (1.0 litre) pots fit through the common front hatch, regardless of our appetite! Also, the sheer volume of the cookset (including the weight) was nothing to rave about, but as with all technical things there are pros and cons.

No one would deny that the simplicity of the design contributes to the reliability of the stove, but then, the peculiar behaviour of the methylated spirit burner remains. The lighting ‘procedure’ as well as the need to guess the right amount of fuel required has not changed and could be considered either a fine art or a magic trick.

On the other hand, at the heart of the stove is the two-pack windshield. This design saves a considerable amount of fuel and provides much-needed cooking stability in often not-so-perfect outdoor conditions.

However, the biggest advantage continues to be the fuel itself. The methylated spirit is eco-friendly, widely available and equivalent in price to bottled water.

On this level, the Trangia has no equal.