Rock’n’Roll 2007 [67]

By Rob Richmond

Friday 23 March was a delightful warm day as kayakers from around NSW, Vic and QLD rolled into Batemans Bay to enjoy our big annual get together. About 130 people booked in to enjoy the weekend. The venue was perfect for such an event, lots of camp space, great units etc and everybody in close proximity.

Our theme for the weekend “getting paddlers together” was working well particularly around the Impex Kayaks tent, its amazing how free beer attracts a crowd.

While some were seeing stars late at night some of us took advantage of the perfect clear night and the astronomy lesson given by Rob Hollow, thoroughly recommend this next year.

Our sponsors

We had to find a major sponsor with little notice and Paul Hewitson from Mirage very generously donated a Mirage 530 for our raffle. Thanks Paul from all members of the club. The raffle raised over $3000 that will be given to Vicki McAuley.

Other generous sponsors for the weekend were Blue Earth, Impex Kayaks, GPSOZ, Hybrid Sails, Sydney Harbour Kayaks and Gudu Kayaks. Your support is greatly appreciated and I recommend members support these businesses.


All was going well on Saturday but the weather was forecast Southerly winds at over 30 knots. Just as well we booked a huge marquee and we had some excellent day presentations, and weren’t they good. Our superstar Justine Curgenven gave us a great insight and knowledge as to how she makes those entertaining movies from her boat. She also did a session on the gear she takes on her trips.

Dave Winkworth gave some very practical tips on boat repairs, maybe Dave might do this again next year and I recommend all attend.

Our Polish friend Andre Janecki gave a fascinating talk breaking down a kayak and discussing the design, he showed us his new range of sails.

Bernie from GPSOZ showed us the range of GPS on the market, discussed the features and allowed us to play with them. They travelled down from Sydney just to give this talk, a big effort and a great talk.


Wow what a girl. Her presentation on Saturday night was superb entertainment. She is an inspiring young lady and we are so glad she took time out of her busy international schedule to visit us. Only problem is how do we put that standard of presentation on next year! We had more at the dinner than paid so we ask that next year please book in to be fair to others.

Trip Leaders

A big thank you to all the trip leaders, instructors etc who give so much of their time up all year to keep this great club going. The weekend was one of participation from all and that’s what clubs like ours are about. At a weekend like this you strengthen friendships, make new friends, find new paddling buddies and it was a very enjoyable experience

Andrew McAuley

It was very sad Andrew was not at this weekend, very very sad. As a result of the Mirage raffle and your generous donations of deposit money Vicki McCauley will receive $6000 from money raised at this weekend, well done.

Next Year

Its on again same venue ( 5 — 7 April 2008. Looking forward to receiving your feedback regarding speakers we might be able to get and what you want on the weekend. Sorry blokes requests for pole dancers will be ignored, although there is discussion of a kayak fashion parade, I wonder how many will be game? The cooking competition was a big flop this year so how about you come up with some ideas and send them to Rob Richmond

We look forward to another great Rock’n’Roll in April 2008, see you all there!