Welcome to New Members [66]

By Adrian Clayton

A belated welcome to the Club to: Ross Boardman (nice to have you back, Ross), Leona Dawson, Owen Kimberley, Malcolm Barnes, Hamish Roberstson, Howard Gilmore, Craig Wilson, Omar Guerra, Rhonda Hannay, Glenn Erskine, Robert Corlet, Jo Campbell, Owen and Ronald Simpson, Scott and Louise Penrose, Kate Leaper, Jean Douglass, Peter Berbee, John Angles, Duncan and Lisa Stodart, Tony Hystek, Glen Hartley, Steve Russell, Bruce Paulsen, Brad and Samantha McPherson, Robert and Anne Cumming, Ian Vaile and Cathy Miller, Pail White, Simon and Silvana Nott, Roy Himes, John Friedman, David and Cheryl Assuage-Baldwin, Jacqui Stone, Bruce and Kate Keane.

Most of you will have received “Welcome Packs” which contain, amongst other items, the Club paddling log book — a document designed to help you track your sea kayaking activities and skill development. If you haven’t received your “Welcome Pack” please let us know (vp2006@nswseakayaker.asn.au) and we’ll get one to you.

It’s been great to see many of you joining in on Club trips.

More than a Night for Newbies

More than forty people attended this function, held at Blue Earth, Drummoyne, late in November last year. The break-up of attendees was approx fifty/fifty Club members/Newbies and prospective members. The format of the night was informal and the atmosphere relaxed. It was night where H.G. Nelson might have said “that too much talk about sea kayaking wasn’t anywhere near enough”. There were lots of kayaks to look at and a number of participants took up Blue Earth’s generous discount offer for the night to purchase kit and apparel. Feedback from the night has been positive all around — enough to encourage the Committee to plan similar evenings during the course of this year (please let us have your suggestions for a suitable venue).

Thanks to Dee Ratcliffe (catering), Mike Eggleton (computer and data projector), Roger and Julie of Blue Earth for their support (we hope you’ll have us back), new member Tony Hystek (for projection screen) and all those (including Peter Kappelmann, John Piotrowski, Henry van der Kolk, Paul Loker, Rob Hollow, David Hipsley, Stephan Meyn, et al) who provided photos for “My Favourite Trip” slideshow.