Training Report [65]

By David Hipsley

Well it has been a very active time since September with the following activities taking place:

Sea Skills Part 1 (2 days)

September we undertook the first stage of Sea Skills 2006 program, attended by 26 people. The weekend covered all the basic strokes, wet exits, towing and rescues followed by practise sessions. The weather was perfect and allowed a group to paddle down the coast landing at Marley Beach for lunch.

Sea Skills Part 2 (1 day)

This took place on the 14 October with the participants split into two groups and those getting closer to doing their sea skills assessment were sent off to test their skills.

We had some interesting surf skills training, with some trying and completing endo’s and then working on kayak repairs. (Always make sure you have some tape for the odd repair as you never know when you may need it.)

Some decided to try their luck at catching the biggest wave and the honour goes to Joanne, who showed off her kayaking skills by catching a two-metre-plus wave and surprising herself and the other in the group.

The second group concentrated on refining their skills learnt during stage 1 and playing in the waves off Bundeena.


Two sessions were conducted at (Homebush Olympic Pool and Hornsby Aquatic Centre) and were attended by about 12 people at each location. The group consisted of new paddlers trying to master this skill and some more experienced kayakers trying to find it again.

One thing we know for sure is you have too practise it!

Sea Leaders, Guides & Instructors

Rob Mercer ran a training day for the above group which consisted of training techniques and making corrections on and off the water. This was followed by a training sessions on the water with all of us critiquing each other. Everyone had a great day and came away with something to work on. Again thanks to Rob Mercer, Andrew Eddy and Keith Oakford for their time and encouragement.

New Sea Leader

Congratulations to Claudia Schremmer on obtaining her Sea leader qualification, and we look forward to some interesting trips with her in the future.

Flatwater Instructors Day

An introduction to kayaking day was held at Clontarf on 21 October where we had six trainee flat water instructors under the guidance of Mike Eggleton provide on and off water instructions, to 15 club and non-club members and although the day went well it was shortened by the poor weather.

2007 Training Program

This will be decided early in the New Year but if you have any suggestions about what you would like in 2007 please send me an email. The committee will then look at the options and resources for 2007.