S.L.A.P. — Sandy’s Long Australian Paddle [65]

Sandy Robson is planning to sea kayak around Australia

I plan to circumnavigate the coastline of Australia by sea kayak. My aim is to paddle as far as possible around the Australian coastline in one year.

For me this expedition is about living with intention, embracing challenge, following my dreams and making time in life to pursue those things that I love doing.

I have a passion for sea kayaking journeys, the marine environment and wild places. I often get to the end of an expedition and wish that I could just keep going. By undertaking this extended expedition I will be pursuing my own personal goals and I also hope to inspire others to live life to the fullest and chase their dreams.

Finally, I have noticed a lack of women out there on the water. I hope to inspire more women to conquer their fears and to get involved in sea kayaking.

The expedition will begin in December 2006 on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. From Victoria I will proceed north up the east coast of Australia and circumnavigate the coastline in an anti-clockwise direction paddling approximately 200 to 250km per week.

My Mirage 580 sea kayak is set up for an expedition of this nature and has been rigged with a sail to take advantage of the wind wherever possible. Waterproof hatches and dry bags allow me to carry all of the camping equipment, safety gear, and provisions that I will require for the extended sections between re-supply points.

The journey will be largely a solo undertaking, although I will be supported at specific stages by fellow adventurous paddlers (paddling with me).

Logistical support will be provided by a network of people including friends, family, sea kayak clubs and interested volunteers. Please contact me if you are interested in offering assistance with trip logistics such as food drops, vehicle support, accommodation and contact details of other people who may be able to assist me along the way.

I purchased my first sea kayak in 1999 and got into expedition sea kayaking through my work as an Outdoor Education leader. My first expeditions were on the beautiful Ningaloo Reef in WA. Since then I have become an active member of the Sea Kayak Club in WA and worked as a volunteer instructor for West Coast Kayaks. This experience has encouraged me to hone my skills, obtain instructor qualifications and undertake some exciting kayak journeys including paddling from Perth to Geraldton.

When I am not out sea kayaking, I work as a professional in the Outdoor Education industry. I have been coordinating the Outdoor Education program at Penrhos College in Western Australia for the past ten years. I am taking a year off from teaching to complete my expedition.

Sponsors are partners in this exciting expedition.

They have vision and a passion for providing the necessary assistance to turn dreams into realities and I thank them for this sincerely.

I would like to thank the following sponsors for their support of S.L.A.P:

  • Mainpeak
  • West Coast Kayaks
  • Sea Kayak Club WA
  • Penrhos College