President’s Report [65]

By Elizabeth Thomson

Dear all,

Not a lot to report to everyone this magazine. However, the issues which have been occupying the Committee’s time of late are the organisation of Rock’n’Roll, and the NSW Canoeing/Australian Canoeing situation.

You’ll find all the paper work for Rock’n’Roll in this issue. It should be a great event, returning to Bateman’s Bay after two years at Port Stephens. The location is fantastic. The caravan park has been renovated, and it is convenient enough for members from around the state to get there…at least the Canberra mob will find it very convenient! So, see you all there.

NSW Canoeing Inc. has recently sent a letter to the Review Committee of AC rejecting the report on the grounds that it doesn’t address recreational sea kayaking in any meaningful way. How this will pan out is yet to be determined. NSWCI is having a meeting to update members on November 25. I’ll report back to members on the outcome of the meeting.

Also, AC has just renegotiated their insurance arrangements and changed insurers. The new insurer is an outfit called Willis. They have taken over the Sports Cover policy and, as it stands at the moment, nothing has changed. The arrangements and coverage are the same as the old policy. Thus again, it appears to be ‘business as usual’.

The Club is currently being assisted by NSWCI on the training front. They are running a Level 1 Flatwater Instructors Course for five club members to help our Training Group meet the novice training needs of new members. So, from 2006, we’ll have more instructors in the Club available to train.

By the time this issue is out, we will have had our Newbies night and met up with the Victorians at Mallacoota. These events will no doubt provide us with future interesting reading in the magazine. Looking forward to it.

So that’s it, really.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a restful, but paddling packed, holiday season. See you in 2007.