President’s Report [64]

By Elizabeth Thomson

Dear All,

Well, thanks for the vote of confidence at the AGM. Here I am, back as President for another year with a Committee of some oldies and some newbies. Staying on are Mike Steinfeld as Secretary/Treasurer, Peter Kappelmann as Internet Coordinator, Sue Webber as Editor and Stepan Meyn, this time as the Trips Coordinator. And the new Committee members are David Hipsley as Training Coordinator, Adrian Clayton as Vice President and Rob Richmond as RnR Coordinator. I am looking forward to working with the Committee over the next year and will endeavour to continue to lead the Club in an open, transparent manner, with a view to responding to members’ needs and requests.

There isn’t really that much to report apart from the discussions and resolutions of the AGM, which are printed in this issue. So, rather, I’ll take this opportunity to indicate what my intentions are for this year.

Firstly, the Committee will continue to liase with NSW Canoeing in relation to the AC Review and report back to members as events unfold.

Secondly, we will organise the RnR for the last weekend in March, 2007 at Bateman’s Bay, as well as begin the preparations for our second Water Aid Race in August 2007. And as opportunities arise, we will plan other Club events, such as a possible Antarctica talk later this year.

Another initiative that I would like to continue with is further developing the contact with other kayak clubs in Australia. We will be formally inviting members from other clubs to our RnR. Further, one idea on the drawing board is a combined club get together some time next year with the Victorians somewhere south, close to the Victorian border. We are also looking at having something on the far north coast as well. With so many of our members making the pilgrimage to Queensland every year, it seems sensible to build closer ties with our Queensland comrades.

And finally, the Committee will continue to offer a wide range of Club trips and training, and produce a magazine full of Club culture.

See you on the water.