Minutes of Annual General Meeting of NSW Sea Kayak Club [64]

held at Bundeena RSL Club on Saturday, 22nd July, 2006

  • Meeting opened: 3:20pm
    Elizabeth Thomson (President) welcomed all members to the 2006 AGM
  • Attendance: Peter Osman, Dirk Stuber, Deborah Cunneen, Jan Wright, Audrey McDonald, Madeline Gill, John Wilde, John Lipscombe, Margot Todhunter, David Whyte, Rob Richmond, Adrian Clayton, Terry Renford, Mike Eggleton, Kevin Brennan, Trevor Wood, Paul Mower, Janet Lindsay, Trevor Costa, Helen Costa, Dee Ratcliffe, Scott Harris, Brenda Harris, David Hipsley, Sally Jacobs, Keith Oakford, Bert Lloyd, Mark Sundin, Paul Loker, Greg Murray, Paul Myers, Lee Killingworth, Helen Mueoller, Roger Merrell, Denis Whitfield, Andrew Eddy, Kerrie Claffey, Michael Steinfeld, Harry Havu, Stephan Meyn, Sue Webber, Richard McNeall, Elizabeth Thomson, Mark Berry, Sue Brennan, Rob Mercer (some late comers arrived – names not recorded)
  • Apologies: Dave Winkworth, Ann Lachlan, Tom Claffey

Minutes of 2005 meeting were printed in Club magazine number 61.

The resolution, that the minutes of the 2005 AGM be accepted was unanimously accepted.

Put by Elizabeth Thomson and seconded by Mark Berry.


President – Elizabeth Thomson

  1. Thank you to the current committee for working so well together this past year.
  2. Water Aid Race was conducted in February 2006 under the idea and guidance of Peter Osman. There were 20 competitors in the race for 2006. Water Aid race will run again in August, 2007. The Charity that this race is in aid of is Water Aid Australia. Peter is looking for sponsors for the 2007 race. Thank you Peter Osman.
  3. Rock n Roll team did a fabulous job for the March event at Hawks Next.
  4. Directors and Officers insurance has been taken out – the Committee are now fully insured as of February, 2006 ($1,300 per annum).
  5. Membership numbers are increasing – 245 members paid up, 69 of these since January.
  6. The Log Book was introduced at Rock n Roll by Mark Berry and is being used by all.
  7. We have had an incident free year in 2005/2006.
  8. The eNewsletter is being sent out after each committee meeting. This is to keep all those members up to date on what is happening in the club. Peter Kappelmann is doing a great job in sending this eNewsletter out. Thank you Peter.
  9. All AGM and Committee meeting minutes are located on the web. Elizabeth to advise members of the URL for this.
  10. Australian Canoeing Review report is not yet available..
  11. The Club sponsored First Aid course was very successful this year. The next First Aid course will be tailored more to the Sea Kayakers and their requirements.
  12. We have a new editor (Sue Webber) as Ian Coles resigned due to personal reasons.
  13. New South Wales Sea Kayak the Victoria Sea Kayak Club have engaged in a number of discussions over 2005/6, the most significant regarding a national magazine – After considering a proposal from the VSKC and looking into the logistics of a national magazine, both Clubs reached the conclusion that the proposal was not financially viable.

Vice President – Richard McNeall

Every new member (95 since the 2006 AGM) who joins the Club receives an information pack containing log book, welcome letter, sticker etc.

Secretary/Treasurer – Michael Steinfeld

  1. All memberships have been brought into line to expire in February each year.
  2. The current membership/renewal form is being modified.
  3. The current balance of the St. George account stands at $18,745.79 as at 20.7.06.
  4. Overall surplus for the year was $9,167.80 made up of Rock’n’Roll profit of $5,255.59 and general surplus of $3,944.21.
  5. Little further membership income will be received until Feb 2007.
  6. We will have to fund likely 3 issues of the magazine which if not supplemented by advertising will require about $6,000 of expenditure.
  7. Therefore, it is anticipated that the amount carried over until Feb 2007 when the new membership fees come in will be about $11,000. We will be required to use some of those funds to prepay the Rock’n’Roll.
  8. We have about 245 paid up members, with 69 new members joining since 1st January ,2006embership fees are $100 single, $160 family, vintage over 10years with the Club $70 and super hero instructor, assessors or trip leaders $42.
  9. The affiliation with NSW Canoeing costs each member $42 single or $72 for a family of 2. This is likely to increase next year by about $3.

Editor – Sue Webber

  1. Sue became editor in May, 2006 and she will try and get everything back on track.
  2. Deadline for articles for the next magazine is 15th August.
  3. Sue is aiming at having regular magazines.

Training Co-ordinator – Harry Havu

  1. Harry has been in this position for 18 months and advised that the training program is now well established.
  2. There has been a Head Instructor on each training event this year.
  3. Training and trips will be advertised on the same calendar, rather than separately and there will be trip based training.
  4. No statistics have been compiled for the 2005/2006 training.
  5. 40 people have so far applied for the Sea Skills which is being conducted in September. There is a high level of demand for training.
  6. Harry thanked all the Instructors for their assistance – they make such a big difference to the club.

Trips Convenor – Mark Berry

  1. managed and maintained the trips calendar with an average of one trip per week;
  2. Log book was introduced to assist Instructors and Trip Leaders;
  3. The centralised club waiver storage process, designed to manage the legal administration of trips is working well;
  4. Generic trip risk assessment documentation is being drawn up with the assistance of all Trip Leaders/Guides;
  5. The Trip Leaders Guides is almost complete and then will be handed out to all Leaders/Guides (approximately 25 Leaders/Guides) shortly.

Rock’n’Roll Co-ordinator – Stephan Meyn

  1. Approximately $5,000 profit made at the 2006 event – these funds will be handed over to the 2007 committee of the Rock n Roll;
  2. Rock’n’Roll will be in Batemans Bay in 2007;
  3. Trying to find a RocknRoll co-ordinator for 2007 as Sally Jacobs has unfortunately pulled out due to personal issues.

Internet Co-ordinator – Peter Kappelmann

  1. Stephan Meyn read out Peter’s report as Peter was unable to attend meeting;
  2. The web-bases forum “Chatline” has 137 members;
  3. Trip calendar updated each 3 months;
  4. Club noticeboard has been a big success with lots of items being sold. Please advise Peter when your item has been sold so that it can be removed from the noticeboard;
  5. Please send in your photos for consideration for the “Photo of the month”;
  6. Promotion of events such as Water Aid are also advertised on our web site;
  7. Peter spends approximately 3-4 hours per week in the maintenance and upkeep of the web site

All Committee Reports were received by members

General Business

1. Membership Survey:

  1. A profile of the Membership was conducted by Trevor Costa using the membership list. He prepared a handout showing the profile, along with a number of survey questions being proposed to form the basis of a membership questionnaire.
  2. After discussion, it was resolved that the Committee pursue the initiative and determine, in the first instance, the purpose of such an initiative.

2. Membership List.

After discussion regarding

  1. the desire for a membership list of all financial members, listing their addresses, phone numbers;
  2. the possibility of having a “members only” section on the website for accessing membership information; and
  3. the need for having membership information being supplied voluntarily, such as name, suburb, Contact phone number/s, email address, qualifications etc

the following motion was put by Elizabeth Thomson, seconded by Stephan Meyn


“that the 2007 membership/renewal form include a tick box to activate the voluntary listing of the member’s details on a club membership list”

A further motion was put by Elizabeth Thomson, seconded by Jan Wright

“that the membership list include the member’s name, suburb name, email and mobile phone number only”

Life Membership

After a brief recount of the collective service CV of Rob Mercer and Sharon Betteridge, the following motion was raised:


“That the NSW Sea Kayak Club award family life membership to Rob Mercer and Sharon Betteridge for services since 1996 (12 years)”

Motion raised by Elizabeth Thomson and seconded by Mark Berry

Carried unanimously.

Australian Sport Commission report

Mike Eggleton of NSW Canoeing advised us a review is currently being undertaken of Australian Canoeing which was to be handed down by the end of June. This review is currently not to hand. An accounting package is being put together at present to pay off AC debts.

Peter Osman asked that Australian Canoeing/NSW Canoeing play an active roll in protecting our waterways.

Recreational kayaking is currently the biggest recreational sport in the Country.

Award Scheme

Rob Mercer and John Wilde are on the AC Educational Training committee. The proposal is to restructure the Award scheme currently operating under the VET (Vocational Education and Training) system.

KANU Magazine (sent to members with the latest NSW Sea Kayak magazine)

5 members contributed to this magazine.

Discussion ensued relating to the quality of the magazine in relation to Kayaking –

Peter Osman felt that the editing was not well done and that there was a disconnection between the magazine style and the club culture.

Mark Berry stated that our magazine works well as is for our club. Dave Whyte was in agreement.

Members should still be encouraged to write articles for Kanu magazine.

Jan Wright felt that we needed a serious magazine about kayaking.


“That we contact Kanu magazine and thank them for the offer but we will not continue with the arrangement”

Motion put forward by Denis Whitfield and seconded by Mark Berry.

Carried unanimously

Election of New Committee

Richard McNeall conducted the elections

Committee members for 2006-2007
Position Name Nominated by Seconded by Elected
President Elizabeth Thomson Peter Osman Jan Wright Unopposed
Vice President Adrian Clayton Audrey McDonald Mark Berry Unopposed
Editor Sue Webber Mike Eggleton Adrian Clayton Unopposed
Trips Convenor Stephan Meyn Kevin Brennan Kerry Claffey Unopposed
Training Co-ordinator David Hipsley Sally Jacobs Mike Eggleton Unopposed
Rock’n’Roll Co-ordinator Rob Richmond Stephan Meyn Rob Mercer Unopposed
Secretary/Treasurer Mike Steinfeld Stephan Meyn Audrey McDonald Unopposed
Internet Co-ordinator Peter Kappelmann Kerry Claffey Mark Berry Unopposed

Dennis Whitfield offered and was appointed copy editor (to assist Sue Webber) with the Magazine

Position of Minutes Secretary for recording of committee meeting minutes (meetings every 6-8 weeks) was put forward – Peter Osman offered – offer was accepted

Meeting closed: 5:20pm