Editorial [63]

By Sue Webber

I hope you enjoy this issue of NSW Sea Kayaker. Ian Coles handed me the rudder a couple of months ago and it’s been a bit of a choppy ride while I’ve tried to find my bearings. Thanks to all the people who supplied articles, photos and advice at short notice. Apologies to anyone who feels they missed out with the short deadlines and for any mistakes in the magazine caused by my inexperience.

The next issue will be easier and on time. I’m looking for people who’d like to contribute to the magazine. As well as articles and photos about your local paddles and longer voyages I’d like to read articles on technical aspects of sea kayaking, reviews of products, hints and tips, so contact me about your ideas for articles and we’ll make the next issue bigger and better. The next deadline is 15 August for the September issue.

If you’re wondering where I’ve come from, here’s some background. I have been working as a writer and editor for the past 20 years, most recently as editor of Australian Cyclist magazine. I started to get interested in kayaking a couple of years ago to make a change from all that peddaling. While I still count myself as a kayaking novice, I’m enjoying my paddling more and more. Living on the north coast of NSW at Woolgoolga means I’m a long way from Sydney-based get togethers, however if any members are travelling north please get in touch and we can arrange a kayak in my local waters.