Ramble From The Editor [61]

By Ian Coles

I am excited about this issue, a feature on ‘folders’ and our first ever survey of sea kayaks available in Australia, thanks to the manufacturers and distributors who supplied the information.

I have introduced a new column PROFILE ON. This is a place where suppliers can tell us about their company, what they do, and a bit of their history. I will tie this in with a magazine features so that it fleshes out the chosen topic.

I am giving each issue of the magazine a different perspective. Last issue we looked at wooden boats. This issue it is ‘folders’. For the December issue it will be sailing and possibly a paddle survey. All you sailors out there, If you don’t volunteer an article I will be chasing you up.. you have been warned.

If you have a small company or a service you wish to offer members I have introduced a new advertising space. It is a quarter page advert and really cheap at $40 less 20% for members. Have a look at the SharkShield advert on page 10.

Now … this issue is put to bed I can get back on the water and to some other projects like the construction of my skin on frame kayak. I have not touched it for a month. The last session I amazed myself by cutting 28 pairs of stopped mortises in the underside of the gunwales. At 3 holes per mortise that is 28 x 2 x 3 = 168 holes. I used a bench drill and set a fence either side of the drill bit. I tried to slide the drill bit sideways along the mortise to break out the wood but it was not quite as neat as taking out the waste with chisels. My next task is to cut 24 deck beam mortises on a 70 degree bevel.

Happy paddling