John Rymill Memorial Antarctic Kayak Expedition [60]

John Rymill Memorial Antarctic Kayak Expedition

In January 2006, Stuart Trueman, Gages (Laurie) Geoghegan and Andrew McAuley, three well known and highly respected sea kayakers will undertake a very exciting journey.

Now this is no ordinary Australian sea kayaking expedition but an expedition that will take them many 1000’s of kilometres to the most southerly continent in the world – Antarctica – where they will paddle their kayaks over 1000km from the northern tip of the Antartic Peninsula at Hope Bay all the way down the coast to Marguerite Bay at the southern-most end of the Peninsula.

As many have read about or even seen, Antarctica is an amazing place that still holds people in awe with its fascinating beauty and its remoteness, and this is what attracted them to this area.

Many famous expeditions and not so famous expeditions to Antarctica have resulted in tragedy, for example, Shackleton and Mawson, just to name two, and it is for this reason that this expedition will have been nearly two years in the planning when they finally depart.

Now this is no ordinary type of expedition conducted in the more well-visited, Australian waters where contact can result in rescue or emergency help fairly quickly. Many of you will remember when Arunas Pilka was rescued in a minimum of time on an isolated island in far north Queensland. But, on this expedition they will literally have to look after themselves in so many ways (more about this later). The planning and preparation involves hours and hours and literally hundreds of emails and many phone calls… this is where you come in:

The Committee of the NSWSKC invite you to come along to hear about their trip preparation on July 23, following the Club’s AGM, where Stuart, Andrew and Gages will share with you all the details of this amazing trip. This will include the actual planning details, food, clothing and everything else that they have to organise before they even think about kayaking. Also as part of the entertainment, they will be showing slides of some recent paddling forays at R&R, as well as some film from Larry Gray, which has never been seen before, and to top it off they will be holding a BBQ where you can catch a feed and talk face to face with the team.

To help pay for the expedition, please feel free to donate your folding money by placing it in the cockpit of the seakayak on display. There will also be a $15.00 cover charge for the BBQ.

So if you want to have a generous and tasty feed (vegetarians catered for) after the AGM, contact one of the fellas and they will make sure they have a meal for you. Please RSVP on the below contacts for a meal

So come along and support our intrepid adventurers.

See you there

The NSWSKC Committee