From the President’s Deck [60]

“You guys are running a very nice friendly club. Enjoy being a member.”

This is the sort of feedback that makes it all worthwhile, and we have all worked hard to make it this way. (By “we”, I mean everybody — members, trip leaders, instructors, committee, Rock’n’Roll volunteers, mag contributors, etc etc)

Self-evidently (to me at least) the NSWSKC has three main threads:

  • Building our skills.
  • Paddling on trips.
  • Building a sense of community.

So what’s going on?

  • An incredible training program — just a have a look at the web!
  • A full-on trips program with something almost every weekend!
  • As for our sense of community…

    • Rock’n’Roll — fantastic!
    • Going to from a single-event to a three-event calendar (Rock’n’Roll, AGM, November event).
    • A six-event calendar if you count stuffing nights!
    • Closing the old email Chatline which offended so many members.
    • Replacing it with a superior web-based Chatline.
    • A regular mag — the heartbeat of the club now with feature issues.
    • Handling the various “bushfires” with integrity.
  • And behind the scenes…

    • A sound financial position.
    • A major effort on insurance.

When you put it all together — lots of energy to achieve something worthwhile.

So how can you help? One way is to join the team on the Committee, and have your say!

  • Secretary Treasurer — Nick is leaving us after a heroic 2 year stint. Hooray Nick! Our new Sec/Treas will inherit a fully reconciled and audited set of books — no mess! Nick will be happy to fill you in on secretary@nswseakayaker,
  • Trips Convenor — Kevin is moving on to do some serious trips of his own, after breathing new life into our program. Thanks Kevvvvyyy from us all! for any queries.
  • Events Coordinator — Mainly Rock’n’Roll which Kevin and Claudia organised so well last year. Everything needed to organise Rock’n’Roll has been tidied up and archived ready to form the base for the next event.

As for me, next year is a work / study / family crunch year so I’ll be stepping aside as President at the AGM, and nominating the famous Elizabeth Thomson for the position of President. She certainly has the energy levels required for the job! It’s a great team on the committee, and I’ll be standing for Vice Pres.

See you all at Bundeena

Cheers Richard