A Ramble From The Editor [60]

By Ian Coles

In this issue we have an exciting special feature on kayak touring. I invited all tour operators who have a relationship with the club that is they have a link on our website, to tell us about what they do. The stories cover a wide range of exotic locations from Bundeena to the Isle of Skye, and the Greek Islands. Take a moment to think about where you want to paddle next year. Do you drive and carry your kayak? Do you fly and hire your gear? How do you maximise your time on the water?

This leads me to our next feature planned for the upcoming September issue, folders. If you have information to share with us on folding kayaks, we want to hear from you. You have until August 15 to send me something, pictures, facts, a story, anything.

I will be standing for re-election as editor at the AGM. My goals are to work towards a magazine published at no cost to the members, by increasing the advertising revenue so the magazine is self-supporting. To do this I will give commercial interests a fair go and provide free editorial space for them to tell us what they do and what new products and services are available to us. Editorial space will be reserved for informative content. This is different to advertising space that tells us what it costs and where to get it.

A big thank you to Elizabeth Thomson. Elizabeth has done an amazing job as copy editor this year. A skilled grammarian, she has pushed the literary standards of the magazine to new heights. I could not have got through the year without her help.

See you at the AGM.