Summary R&R 05 [59]

By Stuart Trueman

Paddlers become members to get trained and go on trips and have fun doing it. R&R 05 reflected this admirably.

A good choice of venue ensured a wide variety of interesting paddles for everybody and a great area for training.

For members who are more involved in the Club having the AGM omitted helped create the relaxed atmosphere, allowing everybody to concentrate on what they joined the club for, paddling.

To see 100 sea kayakers coming back from various trips, training & demonstrations busting to share the days experience with others shows why there is a NSWSKC.

The R&R 05 was a showcase of Club policies & procedures at work. Paddlers were out on trips and being trained by sea kayakers who have been trained and assessed by the NSWSKC to gain nationally recognised qualifications. These members choose to contribute to the Club by using these qualifications to help members paddle the ocean, who in turn have the opportunity to contribute to the Club.

No one person has the motivation or time to be responsible for NSWSKC year in year out. No one group of people hold positions on the Committee continuously. It’s this rotation of Committee members, qualified members and new members that has developed a Club that can give 100 paddlers a weekend like R&R 05.

As long as there are those that appreciate the value of what is being offered and are willing to contribute, this club will continue to develop and offer members a chance to get whatever they want from sea kayaking.