My Club [59]

By Keith Oakford

The Committee:

A passionate bunch of individuals who put in the hard yards both on and off the water. These people above all are to be congratulated. Without them, there would be no club.

The Instructors, Guides and Leaders:

A group of people who have a wealth of knowledge and a passion to pass it onto those who share their love of the sport. Without them, there would be no club.

The Members:

All of us whether or not we are on the Committee, have been on the Committee, are an active or a non-active Instructor, Guide or Leader. Without us, there would be no club.

I believe the common theme is that the Club is the sum of a group of individuals who share a passion for the sport of kayaking. Without this sum, there would be no club.

We are all very fortunate to have access to

  • a network of paddlers throughout Australia and the world, a training program that is second to none,
  • a trips calendar with a range of day and weekend paddles to suit all levels,
  • an informative and witty magazine full of kayaking related articles (4 x time a year)
  • a internet chat line and web site that enable us to keep up to date with all members and club activities,
  • a yearly Rock & Roll event that would turn commercial operators green with envy and
  • a bunch of people with such a diverse set of skills and knowledge that there is yet to be a question unanswered or an issue undebated.

All from a bunch of volunteers! Indeed we are all very fortunate.