Members’ Comments [59]

It was an excellent weekend, improved by being free to make as much or as little contribution as I wished!
Chief instructor Andrew Eddy

A short note to express my appreciation for your hurculean efforts to put on a great weekend and nice touch speaking with the weather gods to behave.

Having organized sailing & rugby junkets the hard work & labour of love is mostly expected by the majority but only full appreciated & understood by the minority.

… Off for an early AM paddle now to toughen up as preparation for my Bass St crossing on good Friday…
New member Lee Killingworth

My best Rock’n’Roll ever
Instructor Stuart Trueman

Hey there… wonder organisers.

Thanks for a terrific weekend. It had a great welcoming feel to it and something for everyone. It was a great site and top weather to boot.
Jed & John Totenhofer

I’d had it with Clubs and I initially didn’t intend to join, but after this week-end, I feel that the NSW Sea Kayak Club has given me everything I could ask for.
New member Henry van der Kolk

Well done Kevin, Claudia and all your team.

You provided a fabulous kayaking event and obviously put lots of hard work in to prepare

Thank you for yet another great Rock and Roll!!!

Applause to the organisers of this years rocknroll weekend. Had a memorable time – even though I never actually got to circumnavigate Fingal Is -despite three attempts – is this a record?

Cabbage Tree Island paddle with a dugong encounter was a treat.

Thanks again Kevin, Sue, Claudia, Peter, David, Nick and everyone else responsible – oh , and welcome to the club Lee !!!
John Pietrowski

It was a ripper. Well done to all of you hard working Rock n Roller organisers, you should be very proud of a great job.
Mark Sundin

Congratulations to all involved in the organisation of a marvelous weekend.

We had a ball. And now I can brace! Great training (thanks Stuart Trueman & Rob Mercer & Keith Oakford especially). It’s amazing what you folks know, and wonderful you are prepared to pass it on.
Geoff Farland

Kevin and Claudia

An excellent weekend – well organised and congratulations to you both – please pass this on to your assorted assistants.

Apart from anything I enjoyed the fact that I managed to run trips all weekend now that there are other instructors around.
Instructor Nick Gill