A Ramble From the Editor [58]

By Ian Coles

Every day I scan my inbox looking amongst the business messages for a distraction for 5 minutes – a message with pictures or an article for the next issue of the magazine. I am constantly amazed at the vast range of topics you come up with and the time and effort that is put into each project. It is a pleasure to put it all together in print.

This month we have several pictorial stories of just pictures and captions. It is a shame that we can’t do the material justice by printing on art paper . This will come when we have more advertising revenue to defray the extra production costs involved. It is one of my goals for this year.

Peter Osman should be commended for his well written and researched article on Short Wave Radios This article and recent technical articles on batteries by Stephan Meyn and Dave Winkworth are valuable to all members and I am pleading with you all for more articles like these for future issues. So if you have an idea and a bit of time, contact me now.

Once again the magazine is full and I have had to hold articles over until the next issue. I apologize to all who missed out and thank you for your patience. This issue is jammed full of interesting things. If you meet up with any of the contributors, take time to thank them for their article. A lot of hard work and many hours went into it and they deserve a pat on the back. Enjoy.