Plotting a Course From the Chartroom [57]

By Kevin Brennan

As winter is drawing to a close the start of another paddling season is looming. Starting this month we have a new comprehensive trip calendar that will take us through until August 2005. This is going to be the year of trips for the NSWSKC. A lot of work has gone into the calendar by many people. As you can all see we have some very enthusiastic trip leaders ready and rearing to go, leading trips that involve whales, dolphins, seals, coffee, hot chocolate, islands, camping, pancakes, marathons, muffins and in some cases lots of pain sweat and tears.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the trip leaders who have volunteered their time. It is a huge commitment to undertake paddles up to one year in advance and is much appreciated because now people can plan their life around the only thing that really matters and that is “Trips”. Trips are life!!! The rest is mere detail.

As trip convenor I have started, and to some extent completed, the first stage of my role this year and that is to organise the calendar. The second stage is to encourage club members to come on the advertised trips. For the trips to be successful we need your help, we need you to support the trips and trip leaders by attending. Please, wherever possible, try to make the leaders task easier by booking your place well in advance so they can make the proper arrangements to cater for the trips. Please read the calendar and then contact the leader for the trips you are interested in and book your position early. At time of writing two trips are already completely booked out by word of mouth, so don’t wait until the last minute or you may be disappointed.

Lastly I would like your feedback. You can do this by sending an email to the Trip Convenor at and tell me what you enjoyed and didn’t enjoy ie the mix of weekend trips??? Mix of grade 1/2/3, location or simply not enough trips etc.

Wherever possible I will try to incorporate your ideas in the revised calendar with help and input from the trip leaders.

The magazine calendar is accurate at time of printing ie four times per year. However, for all the normal reasons, small changes will occur. Extra trips will be added and some will be moved (say from Sat to Sun if the whales don’t turn up on time!!). To check on the current calendar status, go to the club Web site. The Web site will be the most up to date calendar at all times.

Trip Leaders will, from time to time will add last minute trips and these will be advertised on the Club Web site as well. So if you are a trip addict then make sure you monitor the calendar on the Web site to receive regular updates.

See ya on the water