From the President’s Deck [57]

By Richard McNeall

F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C ! ! !

It must be obvious to all that this is a time of renewal and tremendous energy in the NSWSKC and being President, I feel compelled to state the obvious, so here we go >>>

Let’s look at what we have we all achieved in the 9 months since the last Rock‘n’Roll:-

  • Completely re-vamped web site.
  • Our biggest and best-organised
  • training program ever with NTP
  • legitimacy.
  • Membership list smart and accurate.
  • Magazine chock-a-block and on-time.
  • A huge trips program running through to August 2005.
  • Something totally different organized for R’n’R 2005 with a “task force” of close to 20 volunteers to make it happen.
  • Etc etc

Please feel free to chastise me privately and/or publicly for my numerous omissions.

And this does not even take into account the achievements of individuals both on and off the water who do so much to raise the standing and energy of the Club. I was going to start a list here, beginning with Andrew McAuley and his historic direct crossing, but the ranking system would have been too controversial. (Actually, Andrew would only have made the top of the list if I’d ranked it on a first name alphabetic basis ! )

Congratulations everybody ! ! !

Interestingly, with at least half the Committee being replaced with first-timers in November 2003, and again in July 2004, we now only have 1 survivor from before Nov ‘03, and even he occupies a different spot. In fact, we have a really gutsy team here, with the dual advantages of a fresh approach and the ability to benefit from the foundation laid by those who built the club, and saw it through its various challenges. And our Training Group, Instructors, Trip Leaders, Mag Contributors, R’n’R Task Force, and everybody who paddles anywhere are the essence of this unique and quirky Club.

So what are we planning to do from here ? Here’s a hand-picked selection from the last committee minutes:-

  • Really drive and develop the trips program.
  • Expand our Training Program and look at how we can increase throughput without compromise.
  • Take a proactive approach to seeking advertising funding for the mag.
  • Use extra copies of the mag to promote the Club.
  • Establish a web content-management system.
  • Ensure prior notification of agenda for General Meetings.
  • Make this new R’n’R really happen.
  • Establish a second chat line stream allowing commercial content. (from AGM)
  • Improve our accounting process.
  • Develop budget projections and financial priorities.
  • Improve magazine print quality.
  • Facilitate communication in the club.
  • Expand opportunities for members to contribute.
  • Improve our approach to welcoming and “inducting” new members.
  • Implement opt-out contact list. (from AGM)
  • Inform members of membership fee increase to $100.00. (from AGM)
  • Implement other AGM commitments. (see minutes this issue)

Well that’s enough from me. I’m heading off to the snow now (with Beagle 3 on the racks of course). So let’s keep paddling, training, committeeing, leading trips, helping with R’n’R (contact Kevin Brennan or myself to help with Rock‘n’Roll), and contributing to the mag, and we’ll keep this amazing show on the road !

See you all on the water !