A Ramble From the Editor [57]

By Ian Coles

Well this is our first issue.

It has taken a lot of hours and my fitness level has taken a dive. I get up and go for a run or a paddle before breakfast. Instead for the past month I have been at the computer screen. It is a huge task to put together 100 or so pictures and to try and show off the contributors work at its best.

Thank my lucky stars that Elizabeth volunteered her expertise as copy editor. Words are not my cup of tea. I will manage the magazine and look after layout, print production and marketing, finding ways to reach a wider audience of readers and advertisers.

Elizabeth will use her considerable language skills as copy editor. In simple terms ET is Keeper of the Words. I am Keeper of Production and between us we will run a pretty tight outfit. So if your favourite picture gets a full page I did it. If your story sparkles with perfect prose ET did it.

If your story didn’t make it I am sorry. We have budget restrictions and some stories have been held over for the next issue. This issue has the new trip calender, the AGM minutes and some committee reports that pushed it over the edge.

Thank you all for your contributions, and please submit your stories early for the next issue.

I hope you enjoy this issue