From the Eyes of a Fish [56]

By Madeline Noonan, Age 12

The ocean is my home,
The cool air and the soft yellow sand,
The seagulls swooping playfully,
How beautiful is my land!

The rough sweeping currants,
The sharp, jagged rocks,
Not many things stir there,
Just a boy named Brocks!

The crystal clear water,
The sun at its high,
The waves splashing playfully,
Not one thing tells lies!

The shells are so beautiful,
Some big and some small,
Coloured ones and shiny ones,
Some short and some tall!

So this is my life now,
From the eyes of a fish,
This is my beautiful land,
So come make a wish!

But, oh no I cry,
I struggle and fight,
I know it’s a shark,
And here comes the bite!

I’m now looking down from heaven,
My time is at rest,
I now see the big picture,
But I know a fishes’ life is the best!