A Ramble From The Editor [56]

By Richard McNeall

Wow! There are perks to these committee jobs!

Got a message the other day from Bev Trevithick, who some of you might remember did a physiotherapy project on kayaking injuries. Well it turns out that she now had a fantastic stationary kayaking machine to advertise for sale with thousands of features for only $600, when the new price for such a machine is $8790,0976,6547.987. So now I am the proud owner of an on-land mega-machine as well as an on-sea mega-machine. It does have some issues though. It seems you actually have to use it to get the full beneficial effect !

I’m struggling now to think of another perk of the job, so I’ll rave on about mag stuff now, until I do think of one.

And the first thing is… Thanks to all you contributors. I did fear that our radical new CF (constant frequency) approach might lead to some thin editions, but here we are chock-a-block, and mega-readable ! Keep them coming !

As ever (and based on last issue’s survey) people want lots of:-

  • Info on places to paddle
  • Training tips
  • Gear reviews
  • Technical articles
  • Trip reports

Now I have some sad news for the colour-lobby (of which I am a member). I have heroically put the colour case to the committee, arguing the cause with all the skill of a parliamentarian, but to no avail. To be fair, colour does cost more than we all thought, and with the cost commitment of the CF strategy, we are going to stick with the colour cover format. Being liability-conscious, we are also keeping the excellent forms section.

And yes, I can now recall another perk of the editor’s job. – Stuffing nights! Pizza, wine, kayak talk and a little teamwork to get the mag stuffed and out. It is now statistically proven that inner-city stuffing gets triple the turnout of suburban stuffing (Thanks Dee for the venue). Maybe our South Coasters can up the ante here ! Give us a call if you can help, probably a Thursday night near the end of September.

Our next deadline is August 15.