Outgoing Web Coordinator’s Report [54]

By Richard McNeall
NSWSKC Web Coordinator — 17:43:00 22 Nov 2003 to 17:48:48 22 Nov 2003

Hello all. It has been my pleasure to serve you as Web Coordinator, following on from the famous Max Brettargh. My period as Web Coordinator has coincided with a period of extreme significance for the Club as it wrestles with the challenges of the new world order.

As this has been my first committee position, I have been determined to set the highest possible standards from the start:

  • Never to sleep during my term in office.
  • Never to be away from the company of NSWSKC members during my term in office.
  • Never to attend to any business other than Club business during my term in office.
  • To have zero complaints and zero problem issues with the web or chatline during my term in office.
  • To be part of an unbroken chain of five Mirage paddling Web Coordinators, starting with the celebrated Andrew Eddy.
  • To refrain from paddling during my term in office, lest it interfere with my duties.

I am pleased to report that all these standards have been achieved without exception. Furthermore, my belief is that, given the high standing of our Club, committee members should ALWAYS be held accountable for achieving these standards during their first committee term.

As Web Coordinator, it is all too easy to lapse into an ‘IT consciousness’. Whereas all the Club’s previous Web Coordinators have succumbed to the temptation to get involved with computers in some way or another, I have taken a ‘high ground’ position, refraining from all computer contact over my term in office, much to the benefit of the Club and its members, local, interstate and overseas.

The principal achievements during my term have been in the area of strategy development. Future Web Coordinators will take responsibility for implementation. The main strategic focus is to offer the maximum possible transitional assistance to transitional paddlers (those who do not yet appreciate that non-Mirages are transitional boats on the owner’s eventual path to a Mirage 580).

In closing, a committee member should move on when they have exhausted their useful contribution to the Club. In my case, a term of office in minutes equal to the length of my kayak in metres was appropriate, and I’m moving on to the Editor’s position, starting with the next mag.

You’ll be very pleased to know that Peter Kappelmann, our new Web Coordinator is doing very well at meeting the standards we have set, although seriously at risk of ‘IT consciousness’!!!

Au revoir, Richard McNeall