Rock’n’Roll [51]

By Ian Phillips

Once again Rock ‘n’ Roll was a resounding success, with kayakers paddling their hearts out and pizza shops baking themselves silly for another three day extravaganza on the NSW South Coast. Held once again at Glenhaven Caravan Village on 23-25 November 2002, the weekend attracted 140 kayakers and over 200 total attendees.

The three day weekend covered everything from rolling and drills to yoga and navigation to extensive day trips, with on-water and land-based sessions keeping everyone busy.

Strong attendance from the Victorian Sea Kayak Club and the Investigator Canoe Club (SA) allowed us a glimpse into their fantastic paddling worlds through outstanding evening presentations, and their members pitched in on enormous levels assisting with instruction and trips over the entire weekend.

A weekend such as this does not happen by itself, and a huge list of thanks is necessary.

Please read through the following lists and see how massive something like Rock ‘n’ Roll is to organise, to manage and to run. When you next see one of these folks on the water, give them a hearty thanks. A huge apology if I have missed anyone — my memory isn’t what it used to be (it used to be my knees).

All the Land-Based Session Presenters:
Don Andrews, Richard Birdsey, Robyn Harris, Stephan Meyn, Sharon Trueman, David Whyte and David Winkworth.
The Evening Presenters:
Phil Doddridge & the Investigator Canoe Club, Andrew Eddy, Larry Gray, Peter Provis & the VSKC and Rob Richmond. The Instructors and Assistants: Sharon Betteridge, Richard Birdsey, Adrian Clayton, Ian Dunn, Phil Doddridge, Andrew Eddy, Trevor Gardner, Nick Gill, Larry Gray, Mark Heggie, Sundra John, Dennis Maina, Richard McNeall, Rob Mercer, Mark Pearson, Peter Provis, Bill Robinson, Dirk Stuber, Carl Tippler, Stuart Trueman, David Winkworth and Phil Winkworth.
Chief Trips Convener:
Paul Loker.
Trip Leaders:
Rick Angel, Mark Berry, Vince Browning, Adrian Clayton, Michael Culhane, Andrew Eddy, Nick Gill, John Lipscombe, Arunas Pilka, Peter Provis, Rob Richmond, Julian Smith, Mike Snoad, Dirk Stuber, Margot Todhunter and David Whyte.
Race Organiser and Clock watcher:
Alan Whiteman.
Jet Ski Louts (I mean Rescue Craft):
Vince & Debbie Browning.
Admin Assistant Extraordinaire:
Kristin Young, who kept everyone in line at all times, including me.
Rob Moldovan from the local arm, who kept an ever-watchful eye and always had better one-liners than I did.
Coast Guard:
The local crew who supplied us with much entertainment during our flare exercise, particularly when one flare took off towards two unsuspecting kayakers.
Glenhaven Caravan Village:
Paul and the team once again provided far more assistance and help than we could have hoped for — truly a magnificent effort. The Local Pub, Pizzeria, Fish & Chip Shop and Bakery — I love you all.

Even though I have never set foot in one of your shops, the regular pick-ups for me by kind-hearted kayakers have always left me wanting for nothing.

 And of course a special thanks to the lovely girls who hovered around C1 when they realised I would single-handedly consume most of their charity chocolate supplies.

The most important thanks I leave until last, which go to my long-suffering, often less visible but always far more deserving fellow Rock ‘n’ Roll committee members:

Rob Mercer, our long-suffering President who holds the whole show together and provides us all with inspiration, drive and enthusiasm at every juncture. He also makes pretty good coffee, has an excellent CD collection and lets us drop pizza and wine on his floor.

Sharon Betteridge, our long-suffering Mrs President, whose skill as a primary teacher shines through as she steers us towards our goal whilst treating us all like 5 year olds, which is far more than we deserve.

Richard Birdsey, who brings a refreshingly rational thought process to our irrational discussions and is simply a damned hard-working dude who gets my highest respect, but he is still a bastard.

Andrew Eddy, long-term stalwart of the NSWSKC and completely obsessed Baidarkonaut, without whom we would virtually have no Rock ‘n’ Roll, who confidently predicted that the tide would be 5.435 centimetres higher this year, and it was.

Paul Loker, our extraordinary madman who has had laser eye surgery so he can go even harder into gauntlets without fear of losing his spectacles, and who pulled a big, fat rabbit out of a hat and gave us more trips than we could poke a stick at.

But seriously, the Rock ‘n’ Roll doesn’t happen without these people and numerous others I haven’t even begun to mention. All I can say is thank you — it has been a humbling experience working so hard with each and every one of you. Can we go paddling now?