Dear Editor [51]

by a Pognophile

Dear Editor,

Since first making an appearance in issue 39 of NSW Sea Kayaker, Mike Snoad’s beard has been a prominent feature of the Club. At the time Mark Pearson expressed concern at the beard’s virulence. Fortunately, however, the beard appeared to go into senescence and has generally exhibited a neat and tidy outward appearance in recent years. Evidence in issue 50, however, raises concerns that the beard has infiltrated editorial HQ. A quick perusal of several issues of the magazine confirms that the beard has quietly been working behind the scenes, promoting its host to further its own survival. Mike has featured on at least four covers of the magazine in 1999, 2001 and 2002. Two of these are in 2002 (numbers 48 and 50), suggesting that the beard is ramping up its campaign. Delving into issue 50, what else do we find? No fewer than 10 photo appearances of Mike Snoad, many prominently featuring the beard! You have to look closely in some photos, but he’s there! Not only does he get the cover, but he also gets the centre pages! Moreover, two of these photos prominently display a certain phone number and www address. Clearly the beard is in cahoots with Mike’s accountant. We also see an ad for Blue Water Kayak Kits. Are we seeing evidence of corporate corruption within the NSWSKC? Is the Club committee providing favours to ensure the continued flow of lucrative advertising revenues? How does Rob Mercer afford so many kayaks, including a top of the line Nadgee? Who really pays for the Editor’s endless supply of expensive gadgets? Once it was the shameless self-promotion of the powerful south coast sea kayaking industry, now we see a Canberra push. Questions must be asked at the AGM – does Mike Snoad’s beard have the committee in its pocket? Troubled – Illawarra