Boat Supports [51]

By Dave Winkworth

If you ever wash your kayaks or do some periodic maintenance you’ll know that a good set of boat supports makes the job much easier. As my old ‘sliced off’ director chair boat supports are developing a serious list to port, I decided to make some new ones… rot proof, weatherproof and high enough to put the kayak at a comfortable working height. I knocked these units up in about an hour and they were pretty cheap too.

Boat Supports

I intended to use 50 mm plastic tubing but the T pieces I needed were not exactly 90 degree units so I used ordinary 90 mm waste pipe instead. They look a bit like an oil refinery when assembled but they work! At the local plumbing supplies shop I bought: 8 x 90 degree bends 8 x 90 degree T pieces 2 lengths (each 6 metres long) of 90 mm plastic waste pipe 1 small pot of polystyrene glue This is enough to make two boat supports.

Using a wood saw, I squarely cut the pipe into sixteen lengths of 500 mm and eight lengths of 100 mm long. Using the glue, I assembled no more than two joins at a time. You have to work quickly because the glue sets forever in about 15 seconds so if you make a mistake you have to junk the bits.

Boat Supports

I glued the legs into the T pieces with a 100 mm section into the top of each T piece. A horizontal bit was then glued into two opposing T pieces and each unit laid on the ground to check that the legs were parallel before the glue set. I glued two 90 degree bends to each of the remaining pipe lengths. It’s important that the openings in the bends point in exactly the same direction as they are glued up.

If not, the resulting boat support will be skewed. I then stood up two of the leg units about 500 mm apart in a roughly square shape ready for the ‘lids’ to be glued on which would lock the unit together. I applied glue to the inside of two 90 degree bends on a length of pipe and pushed it into place. I quickly checked it for square to ensure that the remaining piece would go on easily.

With the last top on, the supports only needed some slings. I used a few scrap doubled over pieces of shade cloth as slings, screwing it all down into the pipe with self tappers through a clamping plastic strip.