Stop Press – NSWSKC at War [50]

General Membership Callout Enacted

By Trevor Gardner

Following some imprudent comments by a member of the NSWSKC, and a subsequent security breach by a member of the executive, several members of the NSW Sea Kayak Club find themselves in the invidious position of having to defend their honour.

Despite a long held belief by many, the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic is not a threat to the manhood of serious, hairy-chested, rudderless, expedition sea kayakers. In fact, the ability to complete a 111 km paddle overnight then shape up for bacon and eggs afterwards, could arguably be used as part of the selection criteria for a Bass Straight crossing.

Often those that dismiss the Classic as irrelevant or not worthy to a sea kayak club have never actually partaken of the subtle joy found in blisters, aching muscles and sleep deprivation. Now you have a compelling reason to put your prejudice and misconceptions aside, the honour of the Club is at stake.

Lane Cove River Kayakers have received wind that the NSWSKC is to submit a team entry. They also heard the words ‘soft clubs’ mentioned in a disparaging way with respect to the usual flat-water combatants. They have now thrown down the gauntlet, so to speak, challenging the hairy chested, kick-arse sea kayaking club.

Whilst not often treated as a race per se, rather a personal endurance challenge, the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic does have a club entry class. This involves nothing more than individuals in a club completing the event as an individual. A co-ordinator collects the finishing times, calculates the points and submits a club entry. More paddlers from the one club equates with more points. More paddlers overall equates with more money raised for leukaemia research and treatment. This is a charity event.

What do we get? A mention on the honour roll, hopefully ahead of the ‘soft’ clubs, and a chance to win the Commonwealth Bank Cup. Not to mention the warm fuzzy feeling from raising a bunch of money for a well respected foundation.

This is not an official Club paddle. This is an event organised by the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic officials. Club members compete as individuals, a co-ordinator collects the results and submits the entry. At present there are 18 members from the NSWSKC intending to enter the Classic in October this year. Check out This is a comprehensive web page. Consider having a go, join the fun and defend the Club’s honour.

I am the co-ordinating human for ‘Team NSWSKC Hawkesbury Classic 2002’. I provide an up to date list of paddlers and ground crew, advise of training paddles, arrange the t-shirts, answer logistic questions, arrange the post paddle breakfast at a waterside café and submit the entry. On the night, you and the support crew are an independent entity. Have a go.

Contact me at or 0409 883 114.