Four Day Trip [50]

… – With a Difference

By Andre ‘Grasshopper’ Janecki

It was my 1st solo trip without my Mama…
No head winds, no currents, no big waves…
Plenty of food and water at call and a panoramic view all over Sydney CBD…
All legal and free… no need to even do your bed…
Not even a spare paddle or all the safety gear…
All I took was my Medicare Card!

Anyone interested ?

I would not like to stay another day in Sydney Hospital, but after all it was an experience on how to travel ‘fast & light’!

In short, what happened was that 7 days before my kayak launch I accidentally pierced my finger with a single, dry bristle that was coated in epoxy resin, which I carefully removed intact. For 6 days I noticed nothing, then 1 day before the launch, my finger suddenly turned into a Polish sausage.

As from today, I am back and my right index finger is in good shape too.

After all it resisted the surgeon’s knife, thanks to the rest of the body swallowing the following cocktail:

Benzylpenicillin: 1.2 grams, 4 times a day (intravenous poured)

Flucloxacillin 1.0 grams, 4 times a day (intravenous poured)

I will be kicking back more of these cocktails (in a tablet form), so no surfing for the next 10 days, hoping, that all of you like me, are ready for Arunas’ Hidden Valley weekend.

This looks like a good time where I can thank Master mixers like David and Dirk for their expert advice and recipes… without giving them the finger!