Bass Strait Islands [49]

By Laurie Ford

I love it in a kayak, out upon the sea
Rivers are OK, but the coast’s the place for me
To go out to the islands, I really cannot wait
These islands are so beautiful, the ones out in Bass Strait.

There’s Clarke and Swan and Goose, and Preservation too
But you have to cross Banks Strait, and that makes people stew
It has a reputation, it sometimes can be rough
But if you pick your weather, it needn’t be too tough.

The beautiful white beaches, always squeaky clean
Miles and miles of sand where a footprint’s rarely seen
And camping under She-Oaks, it really makes my day
The islands in Bass Strait are where I love to play.

A trip out to the Furneaux really needs two weeks
A day or two at Trousers, to have time to climb the peaks
And the Tiger snakes on Chappell, they’re a sight to see
As I walk down through the rookery, stepping gingerly.

And don’t forget Three Hummock, and Hunter Island too
And Kangaroo, and Albatross, where once I went with Sue
The currents can be strong, the overfalls can roar
And Dangerous Banks is best seen, standing on the shore.

Shepherds Bay’s a place to go, with a great campsite
Where even in a gale I’ll have a peaceful night
There’s Steep, and Bird, and Trefoil, and Walker Island too
The Dough Boys, Penguin, Robbins, just so much to do.

I love it in a kayak, rising on a swell
The islands in Bass Strait, to the world I’ll tell
You can keep your lakes and rivers, and the arctic waste
The islands in Bass Strait, they are MY favourite place.

Most paddlers are too timid, to come to my playground
They like to stay in estuaries, or NW Bay go round
They don’t know what they’re missing, it really is so nice
The islands in Bass Strait, they’re close to paradise.