A Ramble From The Editor [48]

By Ian Phillips

When I started this editorial I was 30… I am now 93. Alas this issue of the previously reliable magazine was disgustingly drawn out and delayed as life events overtook the ever-expanding editorial staff of one. I’d like to blame the entire editorial staff… in fact I will.

It’d be fantastic if I could impart some grand kayak tale that has kept me from my editorial duties, some mystically serene trip or some spectacularly heroic kayak pilgrimage, but instead we now have probably the only kayak magazine in the world with a non-paddling editor. Try as I might I have been unable to make the transition from land-hobbler to water-hopper, and the near future doesn’t hold out much promise as my poor, neglected Feathercraft gathers more and more dust poked away at the back of my garage. But I keep a candle lit for the sleek little beast, and soon we will terrify the harbour again. You have been warned!

No, it’s just copious amounts of tedious nothingness, droning away for months on end that has kept me far away from my dingy little office and the decidedly neglected magazine. Suffice to say, for the remainder of the year we’ll be boringly regular; we are back on track with sufficient grease on the wheels to keep it all rolling reasonably smoothly for another year, and you can expect a shiny new magazine every two months until the 2002 AGM.

So does anyone remember Rock ‘n’ Roll 2001? I had originally started this column with some glorious tale about the omnipresent Rock ‘n’ Roll Coordinator surveying the unwashed masses from the palatial balcony of the command and control centre… you know, the usual guff and ridicule with barely a fact in sight… but by the time the magazine actually hit the shelves the news was so old I was sure no-one would actually care any more, and especially not care what a deranged, power-drunk dictator thought of the never fazing, always amazing Rock ‘n’ Roll.

But then I thought stuff it, this is my column and I’ll write what I want. Then I decide I didn’t want to write about that anyway so I changed it into a good old whinge about nothing in particular, but then I changed my mind again and decided to chat about a kayak I have for sale (phew… finally got the plug in), but then I changed my mind again and didn’t know what to write.

A few gins later and I still had no idea, but at least I wasn’t as worried about it any more.

Then I got back to Rock ‘n’ Roll 2001, and remembered with great fondness an absolute mass of enthusiastic volunteers that helped make this the best weekend ever for the 150-odd kayakers and friends who showed up during the weekend. Yep, those are official, audited figures taken by counting the legs of all attendees during the weekend and dividing by two.

Seriously though, the exhausting months of preparation paid off, with on-water instruction, paddles and demonstrations, land-based workshops, retail displays, outstanding evening presentations and some good old binge drinking from the fringe dwellers keeping everyone busy and entertained for the whole weekend. Even foul weather cancelling several instruction classes and paddles didn’t dampen spirits, with everybody simply moving on to another activity or opening another bottle of red. All in all a damned fine weekend, even if I do say so myself.

Anyway, it’s time for me to shut up (particularly as I’m running out of room). Take the rest of the week off, find a nice corner, put your feet up and enjoy the read.