Web Site Reviews [47]

The Ultimate Directory of Kayaking Links – Ken Winter has amassed a massive mass of links for every conceivable facet of sea kayaking, and there is simply no better collection of up-to-date and relevant kayak links to be found on the net.

We’re quite possibly doing this column a huge disservice advertising this page because once you have it you’ll never need to read this column again! Neverthless it’s well worth checking out. But make sure you have a coffee… you’ll be busy for hours and hours.

The Weather Co – Outstanding Australian site that provides a myriad of up-to-date information on weather around the country.

Easily navigable and with more information than the poor, old Editor can understand, it contains information on seasonal outlooks, rainfall information, wave and swell charts, forecast models, TWC charts, coastal waters forecasts… the lists go on and on.

Beats the BOM site hands down – an absolute must-visit for all kayakers before they paddle.

Sea Kayaking Frequently Asked Questions – One of the most comprehensive FAQ lists available. Amassed from the rec.boats.paddle newsgroup, this FAQ covers virtually every question you could want to ask about sea kayaking.

Everything from buying a boat to hypothermia to kayak history is well covered here, but most importantly there is an extensive section on folding kayaks.

Enough said… visit it today.