The 2001 Rock’n’Roll Weekend [47]

What Are You Waiting For?

Yes folks, it’s official! The NSWSKC’s 10th annual Rock ‘n’ Roll weekend is a reality and is steaming its way towards sunny Batemans Bay. Drop everything and make sure you’re there on 24 November 2001 for the three-day extravaganza of the Club year.

Many of you will recall that future Rock ‘n’ Roll weekends were considered a no go earlier this year following the incidents at Rock ‘n’ Roll 2000. But since then the committee and several hard-working members have met on an increasingly regular basis, and from those meetings the new and improved Rock ‘n’ Roll weekend was born.

The structure and the operation of the weekend has changed dramatically with a lot more organisation behind the scenes, which does mean a few rules for participants, but in general the increased levels of organisation will be mostly transparent to attendees, and a good weekend will still be had by all.

The focus of the weekend is socialising off the water and various kayaking skills on the water. Activities include;

  • Basic rolling tuition
  • Advanced rolling tuition
  • Rolling demonstrations
  • A rolling competition
  • Support strokes tuition
  • Self rescue tuition
  • Assisted rescue tuition
  • Towing tuition
  • A handicap kayak race
  • A wooden boat workshop
  • A kayak sails workshop
  • A forward paddling clinic
  • Grade 2 day trips
  • Grade 3 day trips
  • A buying your first sea kayak session
  • A sea kayak fit-out and safety gear session

In addition to these activities a number of kayak retailers will be setting up during the weekend to exhibit and demonstrate their wares for the benefit of members.

There is also excellent Saturday evening entertainment from the Australian Navy at Creswell who will be demonstrating the Navy’s latest personal survival equipment followed by a slide presentation on Navy survival and training. Plus more excellent Saturday evening entertainment from the National Parks and Wildlife Service who will be presenting information on coastal parks and sea kayaking.

On Sunday evening a number of members will be presenting slides, including Andrew McAuley who is presenting his recent trip through Cape York and Torres Strait (see page 34 of this issue).

And of course, the NSWSKC AGM will be held on the Saturday evening as usual, for the election of officials and reporting of Club activities and other matters.

Important Information

Many of you will recall that we couldn’t account for numerous paddlers last year who had left without advising the organisers. To alleviate this problem at future Rock ‘n’ Roll weekends all attendees will be required to register (whether you are camping, staying in a cabin or just coming for one day), and all attendees will be issued with a waterproof ID card for the weekend which lists who you are and how long you’re staying. Without the ID you won’t be joining in any activities so you won’t be having any fun.

This ID card will be cable-tied to your PFD for safety and security, so bring your PFD with you to the Rock ‘n’ Roll HQ (Cabin C1) when you arrive. There will be a refundable $20 security deposit for the ID card which will help remind you to return to the Rock ‘n’ Roll HQ before you leave. And if you don’t return the ID card before you leave, you’ll lose your $20 as well as hearing untold grief from the Rock’n’Roll Coordinator.

After you arrive you will need to sign up for the various activities in which you wish to participate. This will be easily done at the Rock ‘n’ Roll HQ and it allows us to organise enough instructors and volunteers for each activity as well as allowing us to account for everyone as they come on and off the water.

We have had to introduce a fee for registration which is required to cover such items as our Waterways Aquatic Licence, general administration, communications gear for the weekend, ID production … the list goes on and on so we’re sure you won’t begrudge us this small fee.

The registration fee is based on a sliding scale, primarily to encourage all attendees to pre-register. If you register prior to the weekend the charge is $10 per person. If you turn up on the weekend without pre-registering, you’ll be paying $20 per person.

Pre-registration is recommended as we need to produce a laminated ID card for each attendee and to do this on the spot for every member will cause l-o-n-g delays. When you pre-register, you not only save $10, but when you arrive at Rock ‘n’ Roll all you have to do is show up at the Rock ‘n’ Roll HQ, collect your ID card and you’ll be quickly out the door.

Registration is required for both members and non-members. Non-members will need to become members (for insurance purposes), and can either take out a full membership, at $50 per annum, or take out a short-term 6-month membership for $25. Please note there will be no kayaks available for hire during the weekend.

The weekend is being held at the Glenhaven Caravan Village at Batemans Bay, and is again a three-day weekend, from Saturday 24 to Monday 26 November 2001.

Glenhaven Caravan Village has both camping and cabin facilities, and members who wish to use a cabin for the weekend should contact the Caravan Village direct. Cabins are limited, so early contact is recommended. Campers can go straight to Rock ‘n’ Roll HQ where they will be directed to the camping grounds.

Please note that no naked flames are permitted, so bring appropriate cooking gear (there will be BBQs available for use by members).

There is a Reply Paid envelope included with this issue of the magazine which makes it easy for you to get your registration forms and membership renewal forms back to us in plenty of time.

Have we forgotten to tell you anything? We hope not, but if you have any questions or want any further details prior to the event, contact the Editor today on 1300 36 8111 or email the Editor.

In a Nutshell, Everything You Need to Know & Do…

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll 2001, 24-26 November 2001, is being held at the Glenhaven Caravan Village – 51 Beach Road, Batemans Bay NSW 2536.
  • Cabin C1 at the Caravan Village is Rock ‘n’ Roll 2001 headquarters and is open from the Friday evening. Everything you want will be here – registration, activity information, First Aid, the Rock ‘n’ Roll 2001 Coordinator, etc.
  • The Rock ‘n’ Roll 2001 Coordinator for the weekend is Ian Phillips (the intrepid Editor). Want to know something? Got a problem? Have spare wine? See Ian.
  • Pre-register today – you’ll save yourself $10.00 and plenty of time when you arrive.
  • When you arrive, see the Caravan Village office and they’ll direct you to Cabin C1. If you’re planning to stay in a cabin you should organise this directly with the Caravan Village – call them on (02) 4472 4541.
  • Collect your Rock ‘n’ Roll 2001 ID card at Cabin C1 (bring your PFD) and from there you can sign up for whatever activity you want.
  • Visit the camping grounds and marquee area where all the people and retailers will be and where all the activity begins. Have a good time.
  • Visit Rock ‘n’ Roll 2001 headquarters before you leave to return your ID card and collect your security deposit.