Mags in the Bag [47]

By David Whyte and Kevin Melville

This new ‘department’ of NSW Sea Kayaker was born when Dave Winkworth suggested that a review of other club’s magazines sent to the NSWSKC should be done for the benefit of members.

There are quite a few magazines coming out from other clubs with many interesting features and fine trip reports. This column is intended to be a precis of the content of these magazines and will be expanded on in coming issues.

If you would like a copy of any article mentioned (or indeed a copy of any newsletter), contact the Editor with the required bribe and he will do the necessary copying/emailing/posting/groveling/etc.

WA Seakayaker

In the September-October 2001 issue of WA Seakayaker, Les Allen describes the second part of a trip to the Montebello Islands in which the essential sentence is, “We were now 130 km from the coast on low lying islands that offer no protection with a fast-moving, strengthening cyclone bearing down on us…” It’s a very readable mixture of history, conservation and excitement.

In other stories, Gary Nixon tells of a trip to Shark Bay by the Geraldton Kayakers and Paul Fuller relates an amusing tale about his first sea trip in his brand new kayak. There is also a note by Les Allen on turning sea kayaks.

QLD Sea Kayak Newsletter

In issue 71 of the Queensland Sea Kayak Newsletter (produced by an independent group of kayakers based in Brisbane), Kate Yeomans describes an overnight trip to Peel Island. There is also a column entitled The Future of Sea Kayak Accreditation in which our Dave and our Dirk get a mention.

The Sea Canoeist Newsletter

The Sea Canoeist Newsletter from the Kiwi Association of Sea Kayakers (KASK) is edited by Mr Sea Kayak himself – Paul Caffyn.

The June–July 2001 issue (No 93) contains the following reports:

  • Trip reports on Kapiti and Patea.
  • A trip report on the Hawkesbury River (yes our Hawkesbury). A very well written trip by a group spending an easy five days cruising from Windsor to Clareville Basin. They did it during the week to avoid jet and water skiers.
  • The Audacious Alaskan Adventures of Kayak Dundee – the continuation of a trip report by Paul Caffyn on an Alaskan trip. It was one of his short cruising paddles going by the statistics;

    • Total distance = 4,470 km
    • Total daily average = 50 km per day
    • Paddling daily average = 57 km per day
    • In one section he did 300 km in 4 days. After reading this I think the Yukon Delta is a place to miss.
  • A ban on further marine farm development in Akaroa Harbour.
  • An interesting snippet from the local paper about a kayaker who had to be rescued. He set off with little experience, gum boots, no PFD and couldn’t swim.
  • A book review on Dances with Waves by Brian Wilson.
  • A medical report on surfer’s ear – ; watch out if you do lots of rolls in cold water