Book Reviews [47]

Sea Kayaking: The Essential Guide to Equipment And Techniques

by Johan Loots

ISBN 1-85974-399-4, $24.95 from Boat Books

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Competent, basic information for beginning kayakers is the focus of this well presented book.

Good sections such as choosing a kayak, necessary paddling equipment, seamanship, navigation and trip planning along with excellent graphics, explanations and photos make this an ideal book for those wanting to get into kayaking, or those who have just purchased their first boat.

An interesting directory of kayaking website addresses is included towards the back of the book. This is a great idea for finding paddling contacts around the world, and of course they list the good old NSWSKC … shame they got our web address wrong.

The New Kayak Shop

by Chris Kulczycki

ISBN 0-07-135786-6, $40.95 from Boat Books

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This is the follow-up to the original book that the Editor read but never quite got around to reviewing, The Kayak Shop (tsk, tsk… naughty Editor). The original book is an inspiration to wooden kayak builders and contains many excellent plans and instruction for kayak building.

The second ‘instalment’ continues in this fine tradition, offering even more tantalising design and terrific tips and guides for building and fitting out your very own wooden kayak.

Excellent sections on stitch and glue basics, installing skegs and rudders and finishing your kayak provide great detail and explanation, and a great chapter on other available kayak designs and their various merits round out an excellent book for both the beginner and more advanced wooden kayak builder.

The World’s Wildest Rivers: White Water

by Graham Addison

ISBN 1-85974-501-6, $49.95 from Boat Books

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Well, well… another book not quite in the sea kayak genre, but it does have kayaks in it, and in some damn scary looking places too. Even if you have no interest in white water sports, the spectacular photography and the historical narrative will certainly give you a fascinating ride.

Covering areas from the Americas to the Himalayas to Africa, Australia and New Zealand, this book captures the beauty of each area in pictures, and examines the history and ‘kayakability’ of each area in good detail.

Photo captions such as this easily sum up the intensity of it all: “…a top American kayaker dropped into the notorious Charlie’s Hole backwards and disappeared. His body was never found.”