Web Site Reviews [46]

Arctic Kayaks – Renowned kayak expert David Zimmerly’s site includes details on kayak types, kayak construction, kayak history and a comprehensive kayak database.

As an Arctic anthropologist with the Canadian Museum, David developed a passion for studying, building and writing about Arctic kayaks, and this site is an extension of that passion.

Extensive bibliographies of Arctic kayaks, detailed construction plans and a library of David’s kayak books make this a site well worth visiting for any kayak enthusiast.

Traditional Arctic Skinboats – Harvey Golden’s site features extensive photos of Inuit and Aleut kayak replicas that he and his friends have built, plus pictures of traditional kayaks and the Greenland Kayaking Championships as well as plenty of information on traditional kayaks and ships.

As you can see, traditional kayak sites are the flavour of the month in the editorial offices, and for good reasons apart from the Editor being skin boat mad. The history of kayaking makes fascinating reading, and these sites offer an abundance of information. Log on and check them out know… you’ll be hunting down sources of whalebone and sealskin within days.

Qayanek – A native owned kayak preservation centre involved in building traditional kayaks, saving Yup’ik traditional kayak knowledge and establishing a kayak knowledge facility.

Currently this is a simple site with promise of much more to come, but so far tells of the life and talents of master boat builder Frank Andrew, 82, who was raised in a traditional nomadic Yup’ik lifestyle, and who is one of a few remaining elders who can construct the rare Caninermiut kayak. His knowledge is now being passed on to others through the Yup’ik educational kayak knowledge facility and the products are sold to promote traditional practices and techniques.

Check back often.