Product Reviews [46]

Helicopter tape

The best abrasion protection for the bow and stern of your kayak and just as great for paddle edges. Even better if you have a helicopter attachment! Easy to apply and nearly invisible, this stuff will save your gelcoat for years to come. 48 mm x 1 metre rolls are just $18.70 each from Ocean Planet.

Duct tape

As you can see, repairs and maintenance are the flavour of the month in the Editorial offices. As everybody knows, duct tape is the kayaker’s best friend. If they can fix Apollo 13 with it, you can certainly fix your kayak with it. $9.35 for a 48 mm x 1 metre roll of the really good stuff from Ocean Planet.

Bulk neoprene

Worn a hole in your wetsuit? Been caught by a rogue fisherman? Then you need replacement neoprene! 2 mm blue/black neoprene in 1.25 x 1 metre sheets for just $38.10 per sheet from Ocean Planet. Although if you have a hole in your wetsuit this big, might we suggest visiting the doctor first?