Web Site Reviews [45]

By the Editor

Antarctic Peninsula Sea Kayak Expedition – If you’ve done Bass Strait and are looking for your next challenge – here it is. This is the story of three New Zealanders who kayaked unsupported for 1,200 km along the Antarctic peninsula as they contended with bitter cold, huge winds, icebergs, glaciated coastlines and aggressive leopard seals. Great progress reports and fascinating facts makes this site well worth a visit. Make sure you check out the menu and gear list sections for some good hints on nutrition and useful equipment for your next big trip.

Building the Dyson Aluminium Frame Baidarka – If you are like the Editor and believe that wood should only be used for starting fires, then perhaps the aluminium framed Baidarka is the new kayak idea for you. Give it a gander and give those woodies a roasting…

Aleut/Eskimo Style Paddle Making – Just finished your new hand built kayak and looking for a nifty project? Need the perfect accessory for your Eskimo-inspired craft? Then look no further than Chris Brown’s paddle-making page. All the tips and tricks you’ll need to whiz up the perfect Aleut paddle are included on this page, including diagrams, photos and detailed instructions. One of Chris’s final comments sums it up well; “…one of the most important things is to go and use your paddle. Don’t get hung up on perfecting the perfect paddle.