Surf Weekend [45]

By David Whyte

The weather forecast was not good and I had already had four pull out of the weekend so I had a quick ring around and found I still had some keen participants. We meet at Barlings Beach on Saturday morning and the wind and rain hadn’t eventuated. The sea was calm and it was a glorious day. The waves were large enough to provide training for John Hill and Tony Beasley. Tony ended up with a sore head after testing the soundness of his helmet on the sandy bottom. Tony was only down for the day but got his money’s worth. John Wilde and Michael Culhane arrived around 10:30 giving me a great ratio of experienced/inexperienced surfers.

 After lunch we headed for Tomakin Bar which had some great waves forming on the outgoing tide. Unfortunately it was full of surfers making it impossible to catch a decent wave as they nearly always ended up with right of way. One managed to run right over the top of John Hill flipping him over in the surf. Poor John had to swim his boat in to get back in. A lot of the surfers were using longboards giving them very long rides which made it difficult to sit on the outer swells without them saying this is my @%^#&* wave.

Sunny morning saw another beautiful day so four of us headed off for a paddle out to the headland then John Wilde, Michael and myself headed over to Broolee Island. We caught some nice breakers off the island but you had to be very careful which way you broached – left was straight over the rocks. To get the best ride we edged closer and closer to the rocks and in the end we decided we were tempting fate just a bit too much and headed back over to Tomakin Bar. To ensure great surf John Wilde kindly donated his sunglasses to the sea gods – and it worked. The surf on the bar was superb and for some reason there were no surfers. We were having ride after ride and often getting a run up to 100 metres. John shot back to Barlings to get his white water boat while Michael and I enjoyed the surf. Not long after Mike Snoad arrived and I thought for a minute someone had spilled several cans of paint over the deck of his boat but on closer inspection found it to be a map of the Whitsunday Islands. It even had a small X with a sign ‘Here be treasure’. So dazzling was Mike’s paintwork that Michael lost all concentration on a wave and decide to run straight over the top of him, missing him by inches. A quick roll by both of them averted another Club incident and paperwork for me.

For a weekend that didn’t have a good forecast it was one of the best conditions I had seen and I got so much surfing in I am still a bit sore several days later.